7 Tips For A Flawless Fake Tan

December 14, 2011

We love a little summer colour, but we’ve given baking on the beach and sun beds the flick. A flawless fake tan is the best way to safely glow this summer. Here are seven tricks to ensure your fake tan is streak-free and fabulous!

1. The Pre-Tan Plan

Whether you prefer salon spray tans or at-home fake tans, the perfect tan requires pre-planning and a little extra attention to the body’s key no-tan zones. To ensure a streak free tan, exfoliate and shave two days prior to your tan. A smooth body free of oils, dirt and dry skin is the best way to guarantee a flawless result.

2. Don’t rush the process

Shake the bottle before applying to ensure the solution is thoroughly mixed. The trick to even coverage is to map out your body and apply product in stages. Start with your legs and work your way up to your face applying the tanning lotion in a circular motion. Apply lightly to hands, feet and face.

3. Mitt up

Using a mitt not only protects your hands from staining but also ensures an even tanning application. Not a fan of the mitt? Then wash your palms immediately after applying the tanning lotion to avoid unsightly stains.

4. Don’t get slap happy

To avoid looking like an umpa-lumpa don’t get too excited with the tan reapplication. Apply one layer of fake tan, such as Bonza Bronz Xtend, letting it process fully so you can see the results. Touch up patchy areas or apply a second coat for a deeper tan once the tan has developed. A perfect fake tan requires patience; slow and steady wins the race ladies!

5. Watch the clock

Let the tan dry for at least ten minutes before getting dressed and choose loose fitting garments. You should wait at least 6-8 hours before showering. Preferably get out your old sheets out and sleep in the tan overnight so it fully developes before you shower.

6. Aftercare

We love Bonza Bronz Save Body Wash to prolong the life of your tan. Use daily to help the tan fade evenly just like it would naturally.

7. Easy does it!

Don’t be tempted to apply self-tan any more than once a week; excessive product build-up will change the tan colour – for the worse!

Visit www.bonzabronz.com.au for fake tanning products and more tanning tips.

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