7 Tips For Sensible Tinder Dating

May 27, 2015
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Who hasn’t joined Tinder at one point or another? Whether it’s been to check-up on the ex (don’t lie), have a laugh with friends, or to get that big ego-boost when you instantly match with someone. Regardless of your motivation, below are a few tried and tested dating tips from yours truly – so, relax and have fun!

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Location, location, location

Proximity counts. Who wants to be matched to a good-looking, (eligible) bachelor who lives more than 40km away? Did you just waste all that banter for nothing? Make sure to bring down the location to at least 10-20km – something which actually seems plausible.

10 Tips For Sensible Tinder Dating

We matched… Now what?

 Have you ever matched with someone on Tinder only to be let down by the lack of conversation? Start it yourself, girl! Most users will actually swipe right to multiple women at the one time, then come back to the drawing board afterwards. If you like what you see, start a casual conversation. You’ve got nothing to lose and who cares if he doesn’t reply? *Unmatched*

10 Tips For Sensible Tinder Dating

Solo pictures

It’s good to have a bit of variety in your pictures on Tinder. Isn’t it annoying finally finding someone who only has one photo of themselves – which doesn’t even show their face? Post pictures of yourself, but don’t over-do it with an in-flux of images with your friends. How will they know who you are? Oh the frustration!

10 Tips For Sensible Tinder Dating

About me

Don’t over-do it in the description section. Keep it short and sweet without offending people in the process. Tinder now has a new function which allows you to link your Instagram account into the game of love – that is, if you want random strangers lurking at your profile.

10 Tips For Sensible Tinder Dating

Fake profiles

Whether we want to believe it or not, there are hundreds of fake profiles circulating around Tinder for a multitude of different reasons. Use your discretion and never reveal too much personal information about yourself to someone you’re unsure about.

10 Tips For Sensible Tinder Dating

Check to see if you have common friends and interests – this will usually be a great indication as to who the person is you’re speaking to.

10 Tips For Sensible Tinder Dating

So… You’ve matched with a friend?

We’ve all done it before… Re-connected with an old friend from high school on Tinder. This scenario is easy enough to avoid, especially if you’re both working with a similar sense of humour. Otherwise, you have no option but to pretend it never happened. Ever.

10 Tips For Sensible Tinder Dating


Also known as too much information, this type of thing will happen a lot on Tinder. It goes without saying sometimes. If you don’t want to talk, the Unmatch button is simply just one click away. Tinder is only as serious as you make it out to be.

10 Tips For Sensible Tinder Dating

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