7 Tips For Virgins That Will Make Your First Time Less Scary

Time for some truth bombs. 

For the record, the entire concept of ‘virginity’ is weird.

If it’s a penis going into a vagina, it’s extremely exclusionary to LGBTQ+ people, and the amount of emphasis society puts on it is offputting – and there are many reasons we could put the entire concept of virginity in the bin.

But the fact is there is a lot of pressure around losing our virginities, which can make the entire experience pretty daunting.

Choosing when to have sex and be intimate with someone for the first time can be a big deal, so in this video, I give some tips which will make your first time less scary, and I drop some huge truth bombs that will make you SO MUCH MORE confident about losing your V-card…

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Image and media via pexels.com and youtube.com.

Comment: What things do you wish you knew before you lost your virginity?

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