7 Top Anti-Ageing Tips

April 1, 2011

7 Quick Anti Ageing Tips

From what you should be eating to makeup tricks, here’s 10 quick anti ageing tips to make you look your best!

1. Cut out sugar. See if you can go without sugar in your tea, and reconsider that mid-afternoon biscuit. Sugar is a leading cause of breakouts and unhealthy skin.

2. Bronzer is an instant age eraser. Sweep over the face, paying attention to cheekbones. If your skin is sagging, blend bronzer in the hallows of your cheeks to sculpt and add definition.

3. Essential fatty acids are good for the heart and for the skin: salmon, nuts, avocados and olive oil are the best foods.

4. Drink less alcohol. But only commit to this if you don’t risk binging on the weekends, as this will make your skin worse.

6. Detoxify your insides and your outsides will reap the benefits. Try these foods: broccoli, turmeric, spinach and flaxseed.

7. Lighten up your eye makeup and you’ll look years younger. Try a light, champagne-hued eyeshadow up to the brow and finish with two coats of mascara. Your eyes will still be defined but will look brighter and more refreshed.

What’s your best anti ageing tip?

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