7 Un-healthy Foods In Disguise

September 9, 2015

Did you know that your local supermarket is filled with foods marketed as ‘healthy’? When in reality, these foods are nothing more than sugary treats being gimmicked as healthy?

Instead of falling into these traps and spoiling your healthy diet, avoid these 7 un-healthy foods in disguise.

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Fruit juices

Just because these drinks have the word fruit in them, doesn’t mean they’re calorie free, or even nutritious. Most of these drinks are packed with as much sugar, if not more, than popular soft drinks and are filled with empty calories that offer no nutritional value.

Muesli Bars

These are one of the biggest traps out there! These are more sugar, fat and sodium than anything else and should be avoided at all costs!

Flavoured oats

Oats by themselves are good for you, but processed, flavoured oats are full of both sugar and sodium. If you love your oats and want to get the most out of them nutritionally, stick to the regular kind and sweeten them with some chopped fruit.

Bran muffins

It’s a common misconception that these are a nutritious snack or healthy breakfast alternative, but these are a big no-no because despite being filled with bran, the other ingredients are primarily fats and sugars. If you’re set on having these as a quick and easy breakfast or morning snack, try making your own so you can control what’s going into them.

Pre-made smoothies

If you’re not making your own smoothies, you risk sipping something that’s loaded with unnecessary sugars. These pre-made smoothies may be full of flavour and fruit, but they’re also filled with all the bad stuff. Some of these smoothies can contain up to 600 calories and definitely won’t help you achieve your weight loss goals. Try making your own as home with natural sweeteners, they’ll still be packed full of flavour, minus the empty calories.

‘Healthy’ breakfast cereals

Breakfast cereals are one of the most heavily marketed food groups around. Packed with artificial flavours and preservatives, these cereals are filled with sugary dried fruits and sweeteners that add flavour. A lot of these cereals are also simple carbs, which means within about an hour you’ll be hungry again and craving your next quick fix.

‘Low fat’ or ‘diet’ packaged foods

Just because something’s labelled as ‘low fat’ or ‘diet’ doesn’t mean it’s actually healthy. One of the most common culprits is low fat and diet yoghurts. These are sneaky, because although they may have less fat than their full fat alternatives, they contain extra sugar and preservatives to compensate for the lower fat levels.

It’s always good to learn what you’re putting into your mouth; read the labels and take note of just how much sugar and fat is hidden in your favourite ‘healthy’ snacks.

Image via authoritynutrition.com

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