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7 Wand Vibrators That Are Cheaper Than A First Date

7 Wand Vibrators That Are Cheaper Than A First Date

This kind of wand will make all of your orgasm wishes come true… 

I’d known about wand vibrators for years, but had never actually tried one.

Considering a large part of my job is writing about and reviewing vibrators, it’s almost blasphemous that I had never tried out one of the most iconic, powerful and effective models of vibes on the market.

When I finally bit the bullet and decided it was time to see why everyone raved about these wand vibrators so highly, I didn’t expect it to almost ruin all other vibrators for me forever.

At first, I was dubious the benefits the wand would justify my perceived limitations of a cord which had to be plugged into the wall. But I was oh-so-wrong to worry.

The cords are usually so long they’d never get in the way anyway, and the orgasms that the wand vibrator gave me were the most intense I’d ever had, and the first time I experienced the eyes-rolling-to-the-back-of-the-head pleasure of multiple orgasms. This is why I instantly forgave the cord downside – no batteries or need for charging means endless fun.

The wand vibe is also my all-time favorite vibrator to use during partnered sex – for foreplay, and for spicing up my fave positions – and the one model I’d recommend above all other – hand on heart, scouts honor. And that’s because it’s my old faithful. My wand is the toy which always gets me off.

Keen to try out a wand? We’ve teamed up with our friends at Adam & Eve to give you a 50 percent discount off any of the toys featured in this article, or anything else on their site.  Just enter the coupon code: “SHESAID” at checkout to take advantage of this deal, plus free shipping in the US and Canada (Note that this discount applies to one item only, and some exclusions apply.) Whether you’re in the market for a new toy to spice up your long-term relationship, experiment with masturbation, or you just want a vibrator which will fully satisfy you in ways guys off Tinder can not, these are some of the best wand vibes you could wish for…

1. Pure Enchantment Peak Wand Vibrator

This is a smaller massager than most other wand vibrators you can buy, making it a bit more discrete and less intimidating for beginners; the Peak is seven and a half inches compared to other wands which are often 10 or more inches in size. The smooth medical-grade silicone coating is buttery and soft to the touch, making the vibe feel luxurious to use. It has seven vibration functions, made up of three vibe modes and four different patterns. The flexible tip means the vibrations can be easily targeted.

Buy it HERE.

2. Inmi Ultra Thrust-Her Wand Massager

This double-sided wand is perfect for those who want a wand which will give them the best of both worlds. Offering both internal and external pleasure, the 10-inch silicone wand has a combination of vibration and throbbing functions. The wand head has three speeds of vibrations and four patterns of throbbing. As if that’s not enough, you can flip the toy around and use the six-inch handle for internal use with a mix of three vibrations, rotation and thrusting functions. The grooves and ridges on the handle provide stimulating internal massage, which means this wand vibrator ticks every box.

Buy it HERE.

3. The Swan Wand

This insertable, G-spot friendly vibrator can be used both externally as a powerful wand which will deliver powerful clitoris orgasms, or internally to stimulate the g-spot to reach O-Town. The Swan Wand has rumbly vibrations, which have the ability to penetrate through thick layers of tissue, making it perfect for stimulating the clit, internal clit through the vulva and the g-spot. Capable of eye-rolling orgasms as a wand, if used as a g-spot vibe and paired with another wand toy externally, the orgasm opportunities are endless.

Buy it HERE.

4. Magic Massager Deluxe 8x

Proudly declared the strongest vibrator on the entire Adam & Eve website, the Magic Massager Deluxe is the must-have wand vibrator. Perfect for having spine-tingling orgasms alone, during foreplay, or during sex with a partner, the Magic Massager wand vibrator has eight powerful vibration speeds and pulse patterns. The classic design includes a cord which needs to be plugged into the wall, but that just means the orgasms never have to end because of dead batteries. And as an added bonus, it can also double as a back and neck massager – what’s not to love?

Buy it HERE.

5. Sensual touch Wand Massager

Want the power of a corded wand vibrator with the convenience of portability and none of the restrictions of a pesky cable? Then the seven-inch Sensual Touch rechargeable wand is the perfect little package for you. The large, mushroom-shaped wand head is coated in silky silicone and has 10 different vibration functions with multiple speeds, pulsations, and patterns. The stylish, sexy design is perfectly molded for both hand-held comfort and targeted, tantalizing orgasms. Chargeable by USB cable, you won’t need to splash cash on batteries to use this cordless vibe (because trust us, you’ll be wanting to use this wand vibrator again and again…)

Buy it HERE.

6. Sasha Endless Flexible Wand Massager

Another wand vibrator which has internal and external use, this flexible, hi-tech sex toy delivers on mind-blowing orgasms in multiple ways. Made out of body-safe silicone which is soft and luxurious to touch, the Sasha is completely submersible (hello shower sex) and has a wand massager at one end, and an insertable tip at the other, both with incredibly strong 10-speed motors in each end. The dual motors mean you can have two different patterns, speeds and intensities of vibrations happening in both ends at the same time. As an added bonus, even though it packs one hell of a punch in power, it’s very quiet. The thin end is great for precision, while the flatter wand head is fab for covering more surface area, and the flexible design means it can deliver mind-bending orgasms in a variety of ways.

Buy it HERE.

7. Joystick Rechargeable Wand

The super-flexible Joystick wand bends and flexes any way you please, giving you the power to deliver all kinds of vibrations to yourself (or your lover) in countless, creative ways. One of the most bendable vibrators on the market, this wand can be utilized during sex – think of how it could mix up doggy style, missionary or cowgirl – or you can use the flexibility of the double-sided vibrating motors during solo play – use your imagination. The extra-long, 14-inch shaft makes it easy to reach those hard to stimulate erogenous zones and the seven vibration modes provide all of the body-shaking orgasms you could desire. It’s also waterproof, meaning shower-play is on the cards, and rechargeable by USB.

Buy it HERE.

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