7 Ways To Become More Social Media Savvy

July 15, 2015

In a day and age where creating an online profile can be the make or break of careers, it’s more important than ever to be safe about social media.

Be careful about what you put out there with your name on it, whether it’s a blogpost or even a harmless Tinder profile. Keep social media savvy with a few of our pointers below… have we left anything out?

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Found on both Instagram and Facebook, these little tags automatically tell your friends and followers your location. Keep these switched off when you’re not checked into a café or restaurant to avoid strangers from knowing your place of residence.

7 Ways To Become More Social Media Savvy

Lay low

All forms of social media are easy enough to make private, just do your research before putting up any personal information. Tweets can be made private, wall posts on Facebook are easy to hide from select individuals, and your Instagram account can also become friends-only.

7 Ways To Become More Social Media Savvy

Choose your friends wisely

The ‘People You May Know’ feature on Facebook automatically generates possible friends based on your existing ones. Never add someone you haven’t personally met before, and keep your Facebook relatively private albeit for a cover photo or profile picture.

7 Ways To Become More Social Media Savvy

Watch your mouth

Sometimes our words can get us in trouble, especially if the boss has you on Facebook or Twitter. Keep those personal rants away from the internet – they can come back to haunt you!

7 Ways To Become More Social Media Savvy

All in moderation

All forms of social media can start off fun before they suck the life right out of you. Don’t become one of those people who doesn’t let their friends eat before snapping a flawless foodie picture for Instagram. Calm down!

7 Ways To Become More Social Media Savvy

Build your online profile

Make sure the profile you’re creating online is representative of who you are in real life. This will be an easy transition the more you get the hang of creating an online persona.

7 Ways To Become More Social Media Savvy

Interact with people

Adding hundreds of friends doesn’t necessarily mean anything if you don’t interact with them. Rather than simply liking their holidays pictures once in a blue moon, keep up appearances and make sure to engage your friends and new connections.

7 Ways To Become More Social Media Savvy

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