7 Ways To Get Out Of Debt Fast

February 1, 2012

Jodie Nolan went from losing everything to becoming a millionaire at the age of 29. She shares her tips for getting out of debt and back into the black – and proves that anyone can become money smart.

1. Identify your attitudes towards money and see where your potential
pitfalls are

Are you positive or negative about money? Do you value it or
spend it on frivolous purchases? Identifying your attitudes makes you understand where you may be going wrong and how to set your finances straight!

2. De-clutter your world

Clean out your office, study or bedrooms. Get organised. You will be surprised at how this will truly change your world. Invite money into your life – make room for it. Set up proper filing systems, treat money with respect.

3. Work out where your money is going

Think of your household like a business? Develop a profit and loss statement – how much is coming into your household? and out again? Find out where the bleeds are which keep you from becoming wealthy and able to invest in shares, property and other business interests. Stop spending on your credit card – if you can’t afford to
pay down your credit card each month, stop buying! Say no to new purchases until you get it back under control. Remember, it is you against the world, no one can do this for you. Baton down the hatches, if only for a while, your finances will thank you for it.

4. Be creative to earn more

Can you potentially earn more? Can you start a side hobby or home business, take a boarder or rent your garage space, consolidate your debts and streamline your shopping to free up some cash flow? Can you sell some of your jewellery, clothes, handbags? Many items that sell well on eBay – have a look around, are there items you don’t use or don’t need any more that you could sell? Perhaps a garage sale? You could be paid to be a secret shopper, typist, social media updater or you can look
into a multilevel marketing company such as Avon for additional

5. Teach your kids about money

Develop ‘financially literate children’. This will help you monitor what you spend on your family and have you all working towards a goal. Even a child as young as 2 can earn pocket-money through age appropriate tasks to understand and value money. Consider what your parents taught you…what do you wish they had told you? If you wish they told you certain things about money and life, that is generally the stuff you
desperately need to share with your children so they are wiser for knowing.

6. Learn to shop wisely

Look in op shops for similar or second-hand items you don’t need to buy new. Wait for the specials at the supermarket or until 4pm Friday when most fresh and meat items are discounted before the weekend. Freeze your credit card, so when the impulse to purchase something arises you have to wait for it to defrost before you do, usually the urge will be over by then!

7. Start today

Compounding interest is king – it is not how much you have, but how much time you have.

What are your best money-saving tips?

Surviving the Storm, by Jodie Nolan, $27.

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