7 Ways To Give Your Sex Life a Makeover

May 18, 2012

Who’s sex life couldn’t do with a bit more excitement? Spice up your sex life with these tips that will give your mojo a makeover – and get naughty this weekend!

1. Sleep in the buff

Say goodbye to your daggy PJs and get naked with your partner under the covers. The feel of their naked body is sure to frisk things up!

2. Turn off the TV

How many of us get into the habit of coming home from work, making dinner and watching TV before going to bed. Boring. Turn the TV off and spend some one-on-one time with your better half, guaranteed to

3. Reconnect over dinner

When was the last time you really listened to your partner? Forget talking about work and bills over dinner one night, and ask them about something more meaningful. Really listen to them and that openness will help you reconnect.

4. Try a completely different position

We all have our favourite sex positions, but trying a new one can be a lot of fun – and sexy.

5. Sex out of the bedroom

Have sex anywhere but the bedroom – in the bathroom, in the hallway, even the car. Little changes to the usual routine always spice things up.

6. Work up a sweat

Exercise gets the blood flowing which reduces stress and makes you feel more aroused! Even better if you work out together!

7. Weekend away

Plan a weekend away, even just a Saturday night in your own city, and feel instantly rejuvenated. The feel of soft new sheets, no commitments the next day…treat yourself to a bottle of Champagne by room service and get naughty!

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