7 Ways To Have A Hotter Sex Life

January 21, 2011

7 Ways To Have A Hotter Sex Life

1. Learn how to kiss

Most of us have been kissing since teenagers, so we probably don’t even think about how we kiss. It’s time to amp it up a notch. Use your lips, try soft bites and replicate a passionate Hollywood kiss.

2. Be loud

It might sound like a cliche, but being loud in bed is seriously sexy. Whether you’re moaning or screaming or banging against the wall, make some noise!

3. Be adventurous

Men love women who are up for trying new things. Be spontaneous – interrupt dinner to make love. Surprise him with a quickie before work. Make the most of the nice weather and sneak off for a cheeky outdoor fling.

4. Touch me babe

Doesn’t it feel great when your partner reaches out and touches your hand, or brushes the side of your face with his fingers? Touching throughout the day and touching during sex brings you closer together, strengthening the intimacy.

5. Toys are us

They’re not called toys for nothing! Silk blindfolds, velvet handcuffs, vibrators and even warming massage oils guarantee you a great night of fun.

6. Turn around and turn him on

There’s no shortage of fun sex positions out there to try, but if you want to turn him on without consulting the karma sutra, just turn around and face his legs instead of facing him. He’ll get an awesome view and you’ll enjoy the different angle of his erection.

7. Variations on a theme

Most of us are turned on by one erotic theme or idea, for example being in control, voyeurism or oral sex. So figure out what yours is – and your partner’s – and create variations on this for endless excitement and titillation. If you enjoy being dominated, try all sorts of submissive tricks like tying your hands together, spanking with a paddle, talking dirty…let your imagination go wild.

What are your tips for a hot sex life?

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