7 ways to make your sex life rock!

November 26, 2009

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Want to stick a rocket up your sex life? Alicia Tetley has these tips for a red hot Christmas.

1. Always communicate.

Communication is the number one important thing to keep your relationship healthy. Always talk about how you are feeling and always tell each other problems you are having. Ask your partner how their day was – every day. It makes them feel like you care.

2. Do things together.

It is not always easy to go and do something you are not interested in. If your partner loves golf and you have no interest in it, give it a go. What will it hurt? By doing things together you are relating to each other and showing each other that you are willing to give new things a chance.

3. Understand that no one is perfect.

Yes, your partner has faults. Maybe they pick their nose, or fart too much. No one is perfect. Embrace their faults… or if they are disgusting then tell them nicely to do it in private. Faults, just like attributes, are part of a person and make a person who they are. Love them for it.

4. Do something different.

In relation to sex – do something different. Don’t always have it in the bedroom. Be naughty, go into your backyard, do it on the trampoline. Try different positions – don’t do the same one’s every time you have sex.

5. Surround yourself by positive people and couples.

If you are surrounded by people who are determined to be single and are constantly talking about how ‘single life’ is so good then that won’t take a positive toll on your relationship. Surround yourself by happy people and couples – they will make you glad you have what you’ve got.

6. Stay healthy.

This might not seem very important but individuals tend to let themselves go when they get comfortable. If you keep yourself healthy then you will love yourself and your partner will appreciate you.

7. Be honest.

This is so important and it goes with communicating. If you are not looking to be in a relationship or if you are not happy and want to be with someone else then just be honest with yourself and that person and let go. It is better to leave someone than stay with them and let the truth come out the hard way.

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