7 Ways To Perk Up Your Sex Life

August 6, 2012

Did you know only 62% of Aussies say they have sex only a weekly basis, and only 57% admitting to having an orgasm? Results from the Durex Sexual Wellbeing Global Survey show that we’re all in need of better sex – and more of it!

But we know, you’re busy, you’re tired, but who doesn’t want to perk up their sex life? Sex coach Jacqueline Hellyer shares 7 tips on getting your mutual mojo back – starting tonight!

1. Prioritise

The best things in life take planning and focus. Just like good health and wealth, you have to focus on and make an effort with sex and intimacy. It’s like food, if you want spontaneous food you get McDonald’s, if you want spontaneous sex it’s about the same quality.

2. Foreplay all day

Sex starts way before the bedroom, you need to keep intimacy and erotic tension alive throughout the day: live life as foreplay!

3. Get in the mood

You don’t have to be ‘in the mood’ to be intimate, take the time to transition from ‘real life’ to ‘love life’ and allow yourself to warm up gradually. If you go too far too fast your pleasure potential is greatly reduced.

4. Let your environment turn you on

Make your bedroom a haven away from the world so you can relax and let go in there. No technology in the bedroom!

5. Turn the TV off!

Watching three hours of TV before bed is not foreplay!

6. Rethink sex

Think of sex as a picnic rather than a three course meal so that you don’t get stuck in the same tired old sexual script. Try a bit of this, try a bit of that, stop for a cup of tea, get back into it again…

7. Have fun!

Sex is playtime for adults. Don’t take it so seriously. Have fun, experiment and play.

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