7 Ways You Never Knew You Could Use Vinegar As A Beauty Product

June 15, 2016

Say hello to your new fave beauty allrounder.

I’ll be the first to admit I spend way too much money on beauty products. From face masks to hair treatments and manicure kits, there’s always some new product promising to take care of all my beauty needs.

But sometimes, it’s best to go back to basics and use simple at-home remedies that our grandmothers would have used, such as apple cider vinegar (ACV). This kitchen staple might be smelly and not everybody’s cup of tea, but it’s the most versatile (and cheap!) beauty product you will find in your pantry.

Anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and antibacterial properties are just three of this wonder condiment’s many amazing qualities. So next time you’re short on cash or are in an empty product bottle bind, just remember ACV will do the job just as well, if not better. Feel free to replace these seven beauty products with it…

1. Face Toner

Apple cider vinegar contains natural acids that tighten skin and minimize pores, making it a great natural toner. Simply mix one tablespoon of ACV with two cups of water, then soak a cotton ball in the mixture and gently dab over cleansed skin.

2. Hair treatment

Shampoo and styling product residue can make hair look dull. To remedy this, mix two tablespoons of ACV with one cup of water and wash your hair with it to thoroughly clean your strands of any product buildup, leaving your mop light and shiny. Rinse out with water and use conditioner if required.

3. Zit killer

The anti-inflammatory and calming qualities of ACV make it a great spot treatment for zits. Simply soak a cotton swab in some and dab on the inflamed area before going to bed so the vinegar can work its magic overnight.

4. Nail Soak

Soaking your nails in a mix of ACV and vegetable oil not only removes stains and discoloration, but also hardens nails and improves strength. Win!

5. Detox bath

Take your bubble bath to the next level by adding two cups of ACV to hot water and relaxing in it for at least 45 minutes. The vinegar will detoxify your body and ease muscle aches and stiff joints while restoring your skin’s natural ph levels. Just keep it to two cups to avoid irritation.

6. Brush cleanser

It’s important to wash your makeup brushes regularly and thoroughly, to prevent acne-causing bacteria buildup. A safe and easy way to get them squeaky clean, is to soak them in a diluted ACV mix, as it serves as a natural disinfectant.

7. Foot bath

The anti-fungal, anti-bacterial qualities of ACV make it perfect for killing foot odor and refreshing tired, sweaty feet. Mix one cup of ACV with four cups of water and soak your feet for 15 minutes for tootsies worthy of a princess.

Images via xclusivetouch.co.uk, giphy.com.

Comment: What other uses have you found for apple cider vinegar?

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