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7 Ways You Should Never, Ever Wear Leggings

7 Ways You Should Never, Ever Wear Leggings

We love leggings, but not like this…

Leggings are like the Birkenstocks of pants. They’re basic, some people say they’re ugly, but nobody can deny how incredibly comfortable they are.

Slipping into some worn out cotton leggings after a day in tight jeans is a liberating feeling only to be topped by taking off a pinching bra.

Styled correctly, leggings are definitely not limited to lounge-at-home outfits. But styled wrong, and they can make you look like you forgot to wear pants. It’s not a pretty look, but it can be easily avoided by following a few leggings style rules. Never, ever make these seven mistakes…

1. Leggings that are see-through

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You might not notice it in front of your bedroom mirror, but tight leggings are often see-through. Opt for (faux) leather ones or other thick fabrics to avoid letting the world know what underwear you’re wearing.

2. Leggings with fitted dresses

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When wearing a fitted dress that shows off your curves, it’s alway more flattering and elegant to go with tights instead of leggings. Keep your leggings outfits loose at the top, an A-line dress is a perfect match.

3. Leggings with flip flops

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It can’t get much more frumpy than pairing leggings with flip flops. As both items are super casual, you’ll end up looking like you really didn’t try. Ankle boots on the other hand will instantly lift your outfit.

4. Leggings with flats

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It’s a similar story with ballet flats. This combination cuts off your legs making them look shorter than they are. You can achieve the opposite by wearing knee-high boots with leggings as this look will give you legs for days.

5. Leggings at work

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Sorry to break it to you, but no matter what your job is, if it’s not at your home office, leggings should not be part of your work outfit. Instead, opt for skinny capri pants. It’s a similar silhouette, but looks much more professional.

6. Leggings with socks

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Leggings with boots are great, but only if your socks aren’t showing as this will not only make your legs look shorter, but it will also give off a 1980s aerobics trainer vibe – not a good look.

7. Leggings with crop tops

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Two words: camel toe. Always, I repeat, always combine leggings with tops that cover your va-jay-jay and bum. And don’t ever wear white leggings. Long, loose tops are the (safe) way to go.

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Comment: Are you guilty of breaking any of these leggings style rules?


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