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8 Body-Slimming Outfit Tricks

8 Body-Slimming Outfit Tricks

Want to slim down your body without resorting to a crazy detox or yo-yo diet? Start off by trimming down your closet!

A quick closet-raid will easily remove all the unflattering clothes from your wardrobe and leave you with a select few which will really complement your body shape. If you don’t know where to start, follow our eight simple steps below to a flattering wardrobe!

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Bring a pop of colour to your wardrobe by incorporating some stripes to your outfit. Stick to thin, vertical stripes since they will help to elongate your body – making your arms look thinner and your legs look longer.

8 Body-Slimming Outfit Tricks


If you have a flowy dress, make sure to wear a belt which will cinch in your waist. This creates the illusion of a more defined waist, and will help to make your body look taller.

8 Body-Slimming Outfit Tricks

Empire waist

Similarly, empire waist tops which are longer around the top and slimmer around the waist are also another wardrobe staple. Pair with with slim pants, heels, or flats for a casual look at any time of the day.

8 Body-Slimming Outfit Tricks

High-waisted jeans

Pack away those hipster jeans in favour of a high-waisted style which will suck in your tummy! Pair with a cropped sweater, button-up shirt, or fitted blazer for a flattering outfit option.

8 Body-Slimming Outfit Tricks

Midi dress

If you’re feeling a bit self-conscious about your legs, a midi dress is a great way to compromise for a sophisticated outfit option. It will highlight your middle section without showing too much skin.

8 Body-Slimming Outfit Tricks


Who knew that a pair of heels could be so valuable? Sometimes a little bit of extra high can make a huge difference – especially if you’re wearing a pair of cropped pants.

Wedges, espadrilles, and kitten heels give the illusion of extra high without terrorising your feet.

8 Body-Slimming Outfit Tricks

Wrap dress

Another office appropriate piece of clothing has to be the wrap dress. It hugs all your curves in all the right places, and doesn’t feel too constricting – especially if you’re wearing it from 9-5!

8 Body-Slimming Outfit Tricks

Dark panels

Darker side panels on tops, dresses, and blazers are amazing since they give the illusion of slimmer physique. Plus, they also are flattering on all body types.

8 Body-Slimming Outfit Tricks

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