8 Fashion Hacks That’ll Save You A Crapload Of Money

November 25, 2016

Who would have thought DIY-ing could look this good? 

Fashion trends come and go faster than you can break in a new pair of shoes, not only making it super hard to keep up, but also causing some serious damage in our bank accounts.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with not following trends, but sometimes it’s too easy to get sick of all your clothes and feel the need to go on a huge shopping spree (again).

So before you go into fashion-inflicted debt, put your credit card away and instead invest in a hot glue gun and some cheap arts and crafts supplies to spruce up your wardrobe and create some on-trend pieces nobody else has. Here’s how…

1. DIY frayed denim


Frayed denim is all the rage at the moment, and all you need is a spare afternoon and some scissors to get the look without the cash splurge.

Full tutorial here. 

2. DIY feather heels


An old pair of heels can be turned into these sexy fluffy kicks simply by glueing some feathers on.

Full tutorial here.

3. DIY lacey denim shorts


If you have a pair of shorts that are slightly too tight around the thighs, you can extend them with some lace trim.

Full tutorial here.

4. DIY leather clutch.


Leather handbags can be really exxy, but it’s actually quite simple to make your own leather clutch – plus, it’s going to be one-of-a-kind.

Full tutorial here.

5. DIY patched denim jacket.


Patched denim is one of the biggest trends of 2016, but instead of spending your hard-earned cash on a patched denim jacket, just buy patches and create your own.

Full tutorial here.

6. DIY pearl collar


A basic white shirt can easily be turned into a fancy top with nothing more than some pearl studs and a hot glue gun.

Full tutorial here.

7. DIY lace bra top


An old bra can become a floral crop top with this ingenious hack involving glue and a few cute lace patches.

Full tutorial here.

8. DIY velvet choker.


Chokers like this velvet one are super easy to DIY and much cheaper than buying them off the shelf.

Full tutorial here. 

Images via pinterest.com.


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