8 Hairstyle Hacks Even Total Amateurs Can Pull Off

August 10, 2016

Hair 101 for the time- and skill-poor.

My everyday hairstyle? Pretty much nonexistent, unless you call wearing your shoulder-length hair down a hairstyle.

I’m just not very talented when it comes to teasing, pinning and braiding, and I’d rather sleep 10 more minutes in the morning than spend that time on my makeup and hair. And yes, I know there are makeup hacks that can let me have both.

Now, thanks to the very clever YouTube beauty-vlogger community, there really is no excuse for me or anyone else to sport bedhead anymore.

Here are eight fabulous hairstyles that don’t require too many skills or much time – just some hairspray and bobby pins. You’ll be surprised how easy these seemingly complicated ‘dos are.

1. The Bubble Bun

Ever wondered how to get this much volume into your bun? Watch and learn.

2. The French Twist

If you want to look as chic and sophisticated as a Parisian woman, this is your hairstyle.

3. The Two-Twist Ponytail

Who said ponytails are boring? This one will make people believe you spent hours doing your hair.

4. The Twisted Crown

This hairstyle doesn’t just look super-cute, it’s also perfect for hot days because it keeps all your hair away from your face and neck.

5. The High Ponytail

Ariana Grande’s go-to ‘do, this high ponytail will create the illusion of ridiculously long, thick hair without any hair pieces. Genius!

6. The Bow

You won’t believe how easy it is to create a bow using nothing but your own hair. This one will give you maximum effect with minimum effort.

7. The Knotted Ponytail

If you can tie your shoelaces, you can knot your hair. This is the braid for cool chicks.

8. The Side Twist 

This one’s perfect if you’re running late but want people to think you actually spent a really long time getting ready. It will only take one minute. No, seriously.

Comment: What’s your ultimate dream hairdo?


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