8 Hotels With Room Service So Good It’s Criminal

February 5, 2016

How about a gold dildo and a bathologist delivered to your door?

The quality of a hotel can make or break your holiday, especially if you want to be able to relax. A nice view out the window and a comfortable bed are a good start, but what about your own bartender or pillow concierge?

That’s right, everything’s possible when it comes to room service. A food-only menu just isn’t good enough anymore, which is why these eight hotels go that extra mile to make your stay unforgettable with everything from sex toys and a sommelier on order at the touch of the room service button.

And with in-room perks this good, you might not want to do any sightseeing on your next trip…

1. The Benjamin Hotel, New York

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On order: The Benjamin Hotel offers personal pillow concierges who will help you find the best pillow to ensure a good night’s sleep for you. They are also happy to arrange a relaxing massage before you go to sleep.

2. Hotel deLuxe, Portland

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On order: This isn’t just a pet-friendly hotel, this is pet paradise. The deLuxe has a dog menu as part of their room service menu, which includes groomers, dog walkers pet acupuncture, and even pet psychics in case you want to know what your dog really wants to tell you with that tail wag.

3. The Drake Hotel, Toronto

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On order: Feel like spicing things up in the bedroom? This is the hotel for you. The Drake Hotel lets you order sex toys straight to your door from their exclusive Pleasure Menu. And yes, that is a $600 24k gold dildo on the menu.

4. Cavallo Point Lodge, San Francisco

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On order: If you’re too tired to dress up and go to the hotel bar, why not order yourself an in-room bartender? It’s definitely possible at the Cavallo Point Lodge – you even get to enjoy this gorgeous view of Golden Gate Bridge while sipping your martini.

5. Sublime Samana, Dominican Republic

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On order: Good room service food is one thing, but having your own chef prepare breakfast in front of you from bed? That’s what you get at the Sublime Semana Hotel if you order the night before. Perfect after a big night out.

6. Fairmont Hotel, Chicago

Bildschirmfoto 2016-02-05 um 15.51.50

On order: Ever heard of a bath sommelier? At the Fairmont, an expert bath-ologist (no, we didn’t make that up) will draw the perfect bath for you after a long day spent sightseeing in Chicago.

7. One&Only Resort, Cabo San Lucas

Bildschirmfoto 2016-02-05 um 15.58.59

On order: If you love wine, this is the place to be. The One&Only Resort in Cabo San Lucas has over 1000 different wines on offer making it a tough choice. Thankfully a sommelier will come to your room to help you decide.

8. Hard Rock Hotel, Bali

Bildschirmfoto 2016-02-05 um 16.10.38

On order: If you’re staying at the Hard Rock Hotel, you probably like music. That’s what the hotel figured, too, which is why you can order a Fender guitar to be delivered to your room for some jam sessions. Let’s hope the walls are soundproof.

Images via instagram.com.

Comment: What’s the best room service experience you’ve ever had?

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