8 Iconic Women’s Hairstyles of The Sixties

September 3, 2015
Sixties Hairstyles

Looking towards a new hairstyle just in time for spring? Nothing beats a classic pixie crop, cascading curls, or even a blunt bob from some of our favourite icons throughout the ages.

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We’ve tracked down the top ten vintage hairstyles which will never go out of fashion, and are sure enough to look good on everybody.

Brigitte Bardot

What better way to start off some massive hairspo with none other than Brigitte B! Whether you’re looking to recreate some signature short bangs, voluminous roots, or simply a killer blonde colour, then this is your girl.

8 Iconic Hairstyles of The Sixties

Anna Karina

Known for her structured short fringe, Anna Karina’s style embodied the style of the French New Wave. Keep bangs short and wispy by using a circle brush for extra volume.

8 Iconic Hairstyles of The Sixties

Marilyn Monroe

This list would be nothing without Marilyn Monroe’s voluminous curls, which was one of the most iconic hairstyles of the 1950s. Use classic hot rollers and an extra-strength hairspray for best results.

8 Iconic Hairstyles of The Sixties

Sophia Loren

Italian bombshell Sophia Loren nailed the sexy bouffant hairstyle of the 1960s by adding her own personal twist, which made it her own. A classic cat eye is a must-have in order to recreate this timeless style.

8 Iconic Hairstyles of The Sixties


The early 1960s were nothing without the waif-like Twiggy and her short blonde locks. Lesley Hawson chopped off her thick, long tresses in favour of a short style which forever changed the entire fashion industry.

8 Iconic Hairstyles of The Sixties

Romy Schneider

Schneider’s effortless curls were just one of the many alluring parts of her nostalgic persona – whether they were sun-kissed in La Piscine alongside long-time love Alain Delon, or simply pulled back into a bee-hive as per the style in the 1970s.

8 Iconic Hairstyles of The Sixties

Jane Birkin

Who could forget the combination of bangs and straight hair made popular by Jane Birkin? A fashion symbol by the time she reached her 20s, the young actress and model even had a handbag name in her honour.

8 Iconic Hairstyles of The Sixties

Catherine Deneuve

After a string of successful leading roles under her belt by the mid 1960s, Catherine Deneuve was also becoming a style icon as well. Her tousled locks looked amazing any way they were styled, but there was no denying that she could pull off a signature beehive the best.

8 Iconic Hairstyles of The Sixties

Images via Flickr, Tumblr, Harpers Bazaar, Photo FR, FYI It’s A Girl Thing, Buzznet

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