8 Reasons You Should Drink More Tea

May 21, 2015
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There is no denying that a cup of tea is the perfect way to unwind after a long, hard, day at work. But did you know that tea also has other benefits? Here are ten reasons why you should be swapping coffee and soft drinks for tea on a daily basis.

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Want to boost your metabolism one cuppa at a time? Drink white, green and black tea between meals to aid digestion throughout the day.


Is your skin feeling particularly dry and brittle? Tea is packed with catechins which keep skin hydrated throughout the day.


Many people find that drinking green tea actually helps to keep their weight under control. If you don’t fancy the taste of green tea, try oolong – which is yummy and sweet.

Blood pressure

Just like with stress, most types of tea are actually great at calming the entire body. Infuse your favourite tea with ginger, jasmine and thyme for a sweet afternoon beverage.


Did you know that drinking a cup of tea can decrease your stress levels? Enjoy it at the end of a long day at work, or even a few hours before bed.

Immune system

Green tea is beneficial to the immune system since it helps to fight against a variety of diseases.

Exercise endurance

The catechins found in tea can actually help in your workout session! How? They help to burn fat at a faster rate, therefore making the most out of your workout routine.


One of the best benefits of tea is that they’re all packed with various antioxidants. These protect against a variety of conditions including the appearance of skin, hair, nails and even assist with internal upsets.

What are some of your favourite teas?

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