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8 Reasons Why Sex Is Great For You

8 Reasons Why Sex Is Great For You

8 Reasons Why Sex Is Great For You

Less Stress

Having regular sex is said to reduce blood pressure and overall stress levels. Hard day at work? Hit the sack, and not that bottle of wine!

Sleep Easy

You’ll sleep much better if you have good sex. Research says that oxytocin a hormone released during orgasm, promotes deep, restful sleep.

Slim Fast

Sex is the best exercise we can think of. Not only is it a fab cardio workout, you target all those areas you wish you had a personal trainer work on, like bums, thighs and abs.

Doctors’ Orders

Studies say that having sex at least once a week promotes higher levels of antibodies which protect you from colds and other mild infections.

Kegel Master

While you’re at it, remember to do your Kegel exercises during sex. Focusing on your pelvic floor muscles, tighten, hold, release and repeat. This strengthens the muscles to reduce the risk of incontinence later in life, and it makes sex even better!

Healthy Heart

Experts say that sex is a good conditioning exercise for that heart, reducing the chance of a heart attack down the line.

Long Life

Oprah’s favourite doctor, cardiothoracic surgeon and best-selling author Dr Oz, reports that regular sex can added years to your life.

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