8 Reasons Why You Should Run

May 23, 2012

Taking those first few paces might be difficult, but once you start running, you will love it! The Ministry of Wellbeing has eight reasons why you should put on your trainers and go for a jog or run today! Who knows, you may even join their running group in preparation for the City to Surf or Half Marathon!

1. The infamous “Runner’s high”

Some people get their high’s from all sorts of powders and pills on weekends while others get it from running, at the same time getting fitter and healthier! WIN WIN WIN!
The “runners high” is created by the release of endorphins which can leave you feeling less depressed, less fatigued, less stressed, and less confused! It’s the perfect drug!

2. Shed the winter weight

Around 60% of people start running to lose kilos and it works! Whether you are obese and are starting from scratch or a weekend warrior looking to lose the last 5 kilos, running is an awesome way to get results.

3. Stress relief

I harp on about stress a fair bit, probably because I use to be a mad stress head myself, but jogging is another great source of stress relief. Whether it’s the time it gives you away from the rest of the crazy world to clear your thoughts or the chance to think about nothing at all – it’s perfect.

4. Prevent muscle and bone loss

It’s hard to believe now, but originally we were put on this planet to hunt and gather. Now most of us spend our time in front of an electronic device and push buttons causing our bones to get weaker and weaker. In addition to preventing our bodies from aging quickly: Regular high-intensity running over a short period of time has been proven to promote the human growth hormone- naturally.

5. Maintain and improve general health

Running is one of the best activities to improve your health. It raises good cholesterol, reduces the risk of blood clots, and encourages use of the 50 percent of your lungs that usually go unused. Running also boost the immune system by creating a higher concentration of white blood cells.

6. Get confident

Jogging is great for building confidence and self-esteem. It provides a feeling of empowerment and freedom that comes with knowing that your legs and body are strong and capable. Confidence builds even stronger for those who lose weight and gain a better self-image through running.

7. Health body, healthy mind

Running can help train the mind as much as it trains the body. By overcoming obstacles that running brings, you learn to focus and become more determined. The will and strength that gets your body through long runs and those runs you’d much rather skip is what strengthens your mind in other areas of your life.

8. Fight Insomnia

Another issue most people face in today’s world is not getting enough sleep. Getting enough sleep is extremely important for our health, yet very few people truly get the sleep that is needed. Insomnia affects the body in so many different aspects. Running allows your body to sleep better and longer periods.

Are you a jogger or runner?

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