8 Signs You’re Winning At This Whole Adulting Thing

March 16, 2017

Grown-up’s my middle name, yo.

Age is just a number, and ‘being an adult’ is more of a concept than anything else, because, regardless of the date on your birth certificate, we all have days when we feel more grown up than others.

One day you might be eating chocolate for breakfast and binge-watching Netflix in week-old PJs, the next you could be crossing tasks off your to-do list and organizing your life like the boss queen you are.

If you’ve been feeling like more of an adult lately, it could be because you’re doing these eight things, which totally mean you’re killing it at this whole adulting thing…

1. You actually have some sort of a schedule – including going to bed at a reasonable hour and waking before noon.

2. You go grocery shopping regularly, and sometimes even buy vegetables.

3. You finally set yourself up with income insurance so you never have to run back to your parents for help if you become sick or injured and can’t work for a while.

4. You’ve nailed your makeup routine, including a comprehensive skincare ritual and finally finding products that work for your skin type.

5. You actually have a savings account with funds in it that you consciously re-commit not to blow every time ASOS has a flash sale.

6. You get excited about things that used to make you groan – pouring through IKEA catalogs, organizing your weekly lunches into Tupperware containers and paying all your bills is oddly satisfying.

7. Your desire to live in a clean home has begun to outweigh your hatred of cleaning, and as such, your apartment no longer resembles a uni share-house.

8. You’re finally at a point in your life where you don’t panic every time you have to fork out cash for a bill. You even have some left over at the end of the month for little emergencies.

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Comment: What are the things that make you feel like you’re winning at being an adult? 




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