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8 Ways To Lift Your Selfie Game And Look Like A Supermodel

8 Ways To Lift Your Selfie Game And Look Like A Supermodel

No filters required. Really.

It’s a skill every girl needs to be equipped with – how to take an awesome selfie. There’s nothing worse than having a great hair day that deserves an Instagram post and your selfie game just isn’t happening. So why do some women seem to nail every shot? Hint: it’s less to do with genetics and a whole lot more to do with your camera skills. With these tricks, anyone – and I mean anyone – can look like a supermodel.

1. Use the selfie camera


Although the main camera on most phones tends to be better quality, it can be harder to get yourself properly in the frame if you can’t see what you’re doing. The same goes for posing too, when we can’t see how we’re posing it’s hard to tell whether the photo is Insta-worthy or not.

2. Always face a natural light source


This is the tip supermodels swear by – good light is your friend. Facing a light source helps to brighten your complexion and blast away any skin imperfections. If the light is too bright, just take a couple steps back until it softens.

3. Avoid down-lighting like the plague


Unless you want dark circles under your eyes and bags as big as a Birkin, step away from the down-lights. Overhead lighting casts harsh shadows and picks up on any skin imperfections, highlighting them and making them a lot more obvious in photos. Eek!

4. Find your good side


We all have a side that produces flattering photos that the camera loves (yes, even you). For most people, it’s the side with your most upturned features such as your eyes and smile. Next time you snap a selfie, aim it at the camera. 

5. Use the universal selfie angle 


The most flattering pose for a selfie is to have your head turned to a three-quarter angle towards the camera, tilted a little to one side, with your chin slightly forward and up (read: avoiding the double-chin faux pas). Have the camera in line with your forehead and tilt it down towards your face. Posing this way makes your bone structure pop and slims the face for a supermodel-worthy shot.

6. Never hold the camera lower than your nose


When we hold the camera at a lower level, we’ll naturally reposition our head to look at it. Looking down causes your chin to drop and will ultimately take you into the land of the dreaded double chin. A place no woman ever wants to go.

7. Work your eyes


Although you could have the biggest smile in your photo, if you’re anxious when the camera is around it’ll definitely show. So always try to think happy thoughts or something positive whenever you’re snapping away. You won’t believe how much sparkle and sex appeal it adds to your snaps.

8. Practice makes perfect


Being photogenic isn’t about taking 2,743 selfies a day, it’s about finding out what works for you. Develop your signature pose and a way to hold the camera that suits your face shape and stick with what you know. And before you know it you’ll be taking snaps Gigi Hadid would envy.


Peta Serras is the author of How To Look Like A Supermodel In Your Selfie (Photography by Renee Bell)

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