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8 Ways To Sort Your Life Out Like A Total Boss

8 Ways To Sort Your Life Out Like A Total Boss

Your life is what you make it. 

I distinctly remember a moment from the last large family gathering I was at which has burned itself into my mind.

In the middle of dinner, in front of the majority of my aunts, uncles, and other distant relatives, my mum decided to drop a snide comment about how I’d come to her and shamefully asked to borrow money a few weeks prior – even though I should have been well past the days of relying on her when I got strapped for cash. 

In that moment, I felt less like the girl boss who was nailing her career but had just had a lot of unexpected expenses come up, and more like a complete and utter failure at adulting. I vowed to get my life together so I’d never have another one of these awkward family moments again. 

While you can’t realistically expect everything in your life to run smoothly all of the time, it’s pretty satisfying to have it together enough to be able to feel in control most of the time. Luckily, this is actually pretty simple to achieve – even if you slip every now and then, like I did a few weeks ago.  

If you’ve ever sat back and had a look at your life and thought ‘I really need to get it together’, these tips are perfect for you…

1. Get scheduling 

Life is hectic. We’re working longer hours than ever before (thanks to the perpetually logged on world we live in) and are desperately trying to squeeze in as much of a social life as we can in the few spare hours we have. To get the absolute most out of every day and keep track of the plethora of to-dos and obligations, a schedule is pretty much essential. Plan out your day as best you can so you can actually see when you have a spare hour for the gym or an afternoon to spend getting overdue work done. Having a daily planner, writing prioritised to-do lists and sticking to a schedule will guarantee you almost never feel overwhelmed by a last minute birthday invite or big work project.

2. Get on top of your money troubles

Between the cost of living and trying to scrape together spare cash for ASOS sales and dinner with friends, it seems like none of us can make money as fast as we’re spending it; and that can be stressful. Especially when the rent’s due and you just remembered it’s your mum’s birthday on the weekend. Which is why getting the hang of managing your cash will have a positive ripple effect on just about every aspect of your life. Whether you download a budgeting app, go see a financial planner, start using money-saving hacks, or just stop yourself from filling your ASOS cart at 2a.m., once you’ve sorted out your finances, you’ll feel totally unstoppable.

3. Get insured

Imagine having peace of mind for those stressful moments when you are unable to work because of illness or injury. Wouldn’t that be fantastic? The easiest way to achieve this ultimate ‘my life is totally together’ feeling is to get your insurance sorted. Having income insurance means you won’t have to worry if something unforeseen happens that threatens to upend your life, like an injury or illness that puts you out of work. Contrary to popular opinion, insurance isn’t just for ‘old people’; it’s for those who want to be protected. Being insured means you have taken the steps to being prepared, and that feels amazing. 

4. Don’t worry, be Appy

Look, it’s 2017, so you’d better believe there’s an app you can download that will help you do literally anything. Fitness trackers, budget apps, shopping list organisers, daily planners, period and hormone trackers – absolutely everything. One of the easiest things you can do to get your life in order is to go into the app store and download, download, download. The great thing about apps is they’re almost always completely automated, which means they do all the hard work for you, and go with you everywhere. It’s really a no brainer!

5. Jump on board the health trend

Fitness trends and fad diets are out and simply living a balanced, healthy life is in – finally. Eating delicious, wholesome meals and doing regular exercise is absolutely vital to living a full and rich life, and being an ultimate boss babe. Eating well needn’t be boring or comprise of ‘rabbit food’ either – there are so many exciting, out-of-the-box ways to satisfy your tastebuds and keep your bod in tip-top shape; check out these clean eating recipes for inspo to get started. Being healthy has never been easier, or more fun.

6. Remember your self-care

It doesn’t matter how ‘together’ your life is, if your mental health is out of whack, everything else will follow. Make sure you put limits on yourself and don’t try to say yes to everything all the time and burn yourself out. If you love having a glass of wine and a bath on a Sunday night, make sure you do it. Set aside some time for yourself every now and then to ensure you’re taking care of your mental and emotional; wellbeing, and you’ll be in a better headspace to deal with every other aspect of your life.

7. Successfully navigate the dating war zone

It’s time to stop wasting time on dud dates and toxic relationships. Figure out what you want romantically, and go for it. Love actually is a battlefield now, and dating can be weird and complicated with all the new rules, games, apps and expectations involved. Be honest about what you want, whether that’s a relationship, or something more casual, and don’t let people whose values aren’t aligned with yours waste your precious time (and maintain good karma by avoiding doing the same to anyone else).

8. Realize you’re amazing  

The number one way to be the ultimate boss in your own life? Know your worth and own it. We all have flaws, that’s what makes us human, but you need to find what makes you great and embrace that, instead of wasting your mental energy stressing about all the things you could be doing better. It might seem cliche, but once you improve your self-esteem and truly learn how amazing you are, literally everything in your life will fall into place. Trust us. You’ve got this!

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