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9 Beauty Tips For Fair Skin

9 Beauty Tips For Fair Skin

Anyone with fair skin knows that makeup and beauty products are often difficult to track down. Foundations never properly match your skin tone, concealers are often too dark, and fake tan looks orange (even when applied with care!) Take the following tips into consideration if you suffer the perils of fair skin.

Blend foundations

The odds are that you won’t find a foundation to suit your skin 100%. Instead, try and combine two light shades to find the best colour for or skin, or better yet, get your colour matched by a professional. For a lighter finish, use powder or mineral foundation which won’t leave a visible discolouration on your skin.


Apply sunscreen on your face every single day. If you don’t want to deal with the white residue, look out for skincare products with an added SPF of at least 15+.

Homemade mask

Use a homemade face mask on your skin every few weeks to remove dry skin cells, and leave your face feeling bright and clear. Combine 1 tablespoon oats soaked in water, 1/2 tablespoon honey and 1 tablespoon of curd for flawless skin at home.

Gradual tanner

Sometimes an instant tan can be quite tempting, especially during the warmer months. Use a gradual tanner since you can control the amount of colour on your skin. Stay aware from sprays, which will only cling to your dry patches.


Apply lashings of mascara to give eyes a boost, and make you look and feel fantastic. Ditch the brown and navy shades which are usually suggested for those with lighter lashes – they won’t make your eyes pop as much as black!

A little blush

Don’t go crazy with the blush! Women with fair skin naturally have rosy cheeks, and a dark or unblended blush will only accentuate this (and make you look hot and flustered). Stick to light coral shades, and remember to blend out well with a blush brush.

Statement lipstick

Why not try out a statement lip colour which will no doubt make your entire look pop! Remember to carefully line the lips, and then apply the colour at the centre with a lip brush. Stay away from neutral or nude shades, since this will only make you look washed out.

Strong brows

Always remember to fill out your brows before stepping out the door. A little bit of colour and brow gel will help to bring the entire look together.

Dark circles

Manage those dark circles by using a colour correcting concealing under your eyes. Only use a pea sized amount for both eyes, and gently pat into the skin using your ring finger. This will always give a naturally, flawless application.

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