9 Christmas Packs For The Hard-to-Buy-For

October 30, 2019

Just the thing for the hard-to-buy-for people on your Christmas list.

I love Christmas.

I don’t mean that I really like it a lot. Oh, no. I mean that I love Christmas.

Going all out on presents and decorations is a skill I’m considering adding to my resume. That being said, I can understand the frustration of shopping for the person who has it all.

It feels impossible to know what to get that guy in the office who you got for Kris Kringle and I maintain that shopping for boyfriends is THE hardest task known to mankind. Who is to know what kind of gift your Father-In-Law will enjoy? What on earth do you get your boss?!

The festive season can put so much pressure on us to find the perfect gift for each special person in our life. Unfortunately, sometimes that stress can put you off enjoying the joy of the holidays.

Lucky for us, ’tis the season for hampers.

Hampers are without a doubt the easiest way to make it seem like you’ve put in a tonne of effort to your Christmas shopping (without actually having to put the effort in).

The Hamper Emporium have a hamper for everyone – including the hard-to-buy-for people in your life!

Do yourself a favor and take the stress out of playing Santa.

Here is what hamper to get the people you just don’t know how to shop for…

1. The Serial Returner

Get a gift they won’t want to send back!

We all have that one friend that will send back any gift you get them, no matter how much time or energy you spent finding it.

No one ever sent back a food hamper. These premium goodies are sure to devoured within seconds of receiving. After all, everyone loves snacks!

Find a food hamper here.

2. The ‘Already-Has-Everything’

Shopping for someone who already has everything can be really tricky but there is one thing you can never have too much of…


A wine hamper is the perfect holiday gift and if you’re lucky, they might even share.

Find a lovely wine hamper here.

3. The Impossible To Impress

They may not be impressed by material goods but I promise that chocolate is the way to anyone’s heart!

Appeal to their sweet tooth by giving them the gift of sugar.

You are guaranteed to turn their frown upside with a hamper of chocolate treats – you’ll turn your favorite Grinch into a Christmas convert!

Find a chocolate hamper here.


4. The ‘Oh, You Shouldn’t Have’

It’s Christmas morning and you can see the disappointment on their face when they open their gift.

With a forced smile they say “oh, you shouldn’t have’ and your stomach drops. You’ve gotten a dodgy present.

This year, get them something they will actually enjoy like a fabulous pamper kit.

No one was ever disappointed by a fluffy robe and some skincare!

Find a pamper hamper and other suggestions here.

5. The Fussy Father

Self-care isn’t just for the ladies!

I never know what to get my Dad for Christmas. Fathers are notorious for being hard to shop for – that is until now!

Give the gift of self-care this Christmas! Some snacks, a glass of nice red wine and a fluffy robe sounds like the ultimate Christmas pamper evening!

Find a hamper for your fussy father here.


6. The Picky Partner


My boyfriend is impossible to buy for. He has everything he needs, his hobbies are more than fulfilled and I always feel bad when he gets me a super thoughtful gift.

This year, I’m giving him the gift of a good time! A hamper full of his favorite beer is just the ticket to alleviate the gift-giving guilt that cripples me on Christmas morning.

Find a hamper for your oh-so-picky partner here.

7. The Insufferable In-laws

Ah, the in-laws. The hardest people to find a gift for.

I have two words for you: wine and nibbles.

Your father-in-law will have the time of his life chowing down on some gourmet snacks come Christmas morning and I promise that a good bottle of wine can loosen up even the most unforgiving of mothers-in-law.

Find a gift for your insufferable in-laws here.

8. The Awkward Acquaintance

No Christmas is complete without an awkward ‘they got me a present but I didn’t get them one’ moment.

Not to fear! Don’t go into a panic – buy them a hamper.

A basket full of holiday treats is the perfect way out of an awkward gift situation, or even an office Kris Kringle!

Find a gift for your awkward acquaintance here.

9. The Busy Boss

The holiday season can be stressful and your boss may be getting snappier by the day.

Brighten up their day (and the office morale) buy investing in a sweet hamper of self-care. Everyone in the office will be cheering and with hampers this good, you might even earn yourself a pay rise!

Find a gift for even the busiest boss here.

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