9 Lazy Girl Treats To Bake This Christmas Eve

December 23, 2015

Can’t be bothered? Try these zero effort recipes.

If cooking’s not your forte and the thought of spending hours grocery shopping and prepping makes you cringe in anticipation, then no need to stress, we’ve got you covered.

These recipes include hardly any ingredients, take a matter of minutes to throw together and require a minimal amount of energy. Arriving with one of these treats in tow, you’ll fool everyone at Christmas lunch into believing you’ve spent hours slaving away in the kitchen…

1. M&M Pretzels


Effort factor: You could make these in your sleep.

What you need: A bag of pretzels, a block of cooking chocolate and some M&Ms.

How to throw it together: Lay the pretzels out on a lined baking tray and place a square of cooking chocolate on top of each one. Place in the oven at 275°C (537°F) for three minutes. Pop an M&M on top of each. Let cool, then devour!

2. Strawberry Santas


Effort factor: A little concentration required. But not so much you couldn’t have Girls playing in the background.

What you need: A piping bag, punnet of strawberries, 1/4 cup of mascarpone cheese, 1/4 cup of vanilla extract, 1 cup of icing sugar and poppy seeds (or chocolate drops if you’re feeling naughty!)

How to throw it together: Cut the pointed end of the strawberries off and reserve for hats. At the same time, chop the tops off to create a flat base. Mix the mascarpone, vanilla extract and icing sugar together and pipe the mixture onto each strawberry. Place a hat on top and pipe a small ball on the hat to make a pom-pom and two balls down the front to form buttons. Press two poppy seeds into the mascarpone mixture to make Santa’s eyes, then serve immediately.

3. Christmas Tree Brownies


Effort factor: A three year-old could make these without breaking a sweat.

What you need: Store-bought brownies, icing sugar, green food dye, a piping bag, sprinkles and yellow star decorations.

How to throw it together: Add food dye to the icing sugar until you’ve reached the desired shade of green. Cut the brownies into triangles and pipe the icing in a zigzag pattern over the top. Finish with some sprinkles and a yellow star.

4. Santa Claus Crunch


Effort factor: You could make this in your sleep.

What you need: Popcorn, butter, mini marshmallows, vanilla extract and Christmas M&Ms and sprinkles.

How to throw it together: On a low heat, add marshmallows and vanilla to a pan of melted butter. Stir until marshmallows have reached a liquid consistency. Spread popcorn onto a lined baking tray and combine with the M&Ms, sprinkles and marshmallow mix then serve.

5. Fruity Christmas Tree


Effort factor: All of a lazy girl’s energy.

What you need: A wide variety of fruit including an apple and carrot, star cookie cutters and toothpicks.

How to throw it together: Core an apple and cut it in half, this will act as a base. Place carrot in the hollowed core and insert some toothpicks; these will act as your stems. Add fruit to the toothpicks, working your way up the tree, repeating the procedure. Use a variety of fruit and be creative as you like, but don’t forget to add the piece you’ve cut out for your star.

6. Sleigh Riding Teddy Bears


Effort factor: You could make these in your sleep.

What you need: A packet of Bitesize Snickers bars, mini candy canes, Tiny Teddies and chocolate frosting.

How to throw it together: Spread some frosting on the bottom of the bars and attach the candy canes to create the sleigh. Coat the bottom of the Tiny Teddies with frosting and stick to the bars. Let them set and enjoy!

7. Melting Snowman


Effort factor: You could make this in your sleep.

What you need: Hot chocolate, whipped cream, white marshmallows, candy canes and food markers.

How to throw it together: Make a hot chocolate as you normally would and add some whipped cream to the top. Draw some snowman faces on the marshmallows and pop them in before you hook a candy cane onto the side of the mug for a minty addition.

8. Candy Cane Hearts


Effort factor: A little concentration required. But not so much you couldn’t have Girls playing in the background.

What you need: Candy canes, a block of white cooking chocolate, Christmas sprinkles and lollipop sticks.

How to throw it together: On baking paper, lay out the lollipop sticks and arrange the candy canes to form the shape of love hearts. Place in the oven for three minutes at 150°C (300°F). Once out, pinch the bottom and top of the hearts closed. Fill with melted white chocolate and finish off with the Christmas sprinkles.

9. Cornflake Wreaths


Effort factor: You could make these in your sleep.

What you need: 1/2 cup of butter, five cups of marshmallows, six cups of corn flakes, green food dye and red M&Ms.

How to throw it together: Melt marshmallows in butter over a low heat to reach a liquid consistency and stir in food dye. Mix marshmallows and cornflakes together ensuring all the cornflakes are evenly coated. Using your hands shape into individual wreaths and top with red M&Ms.

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