8 Time-Saving Beauty Hacks That Will Change Your Life

March 21, 2019

Mind. Blown.

If there’s anything we could all do with more of, it’s time.

Between hitting snooze like it’s nobody’s business and shoving a piece of half buttered toast in our gob as we dash for the train, there’s barely time to grab our morning caffeine hit before work, let alone perfect our makeup.

Thankfully, with these life-transforming beauty hacks, you’ll never need to worry about running late to work again, and your eyeliner game will remain on point…

1. Spoon it

Before you go to bed, pop a couple of teaspoons in the fridge, then press them against puffy under-eyes for 30 seconds or so before applying makeup to refresh and calm tired eyes.

2. Get taped

Save time perfecting your cat eye flick by gently pressing a piece of sticky-tape in a line running from the outer corner of your eye pointing toward the tail of your brow, then using it as a foolproof stencil for on fleek liner, every time.

3. Pump it up

Cheat blow-dried hair and add instant volume to limp locks by lifting up sections of hair and spritzing the roots with hairspray. Flip your head upside down and tousle your strands lightly with your fingertips once you’re done for a fuss-free just-been-to-the-salon do.

4. Go round and round

To mimic naturally flushed cheeks, dab your blush brush in a peachy hued blush then apply to apples of cheeks working in soft small circles, rather than a single sweep. The result will look so natural, no one will know you’re actually recovering from a big weekend.

5. Tip it

Stuffed up? Simply dip a cotton tip in makeup remover and swipe over makeup mistakes for an instantly sharper finish.

6. Got a tissue?

For a perfectly matte pout that’ll stay in place all day and night, apply lippie, blot excess with a tissue, then separate the tissue so it’s a single ply thick and hold against your lips before dabbing over it with a fluffy brush dipped lightly in translucent powder.

7. Get stencilled

Suck at eye makeup? Invest in some eyeliner stencils that you can simply press over lids, fill in with your regular liner or shadow, then peel off for flawless eyes, every time.

8. Go nude

Cover red, hungover eyes in a snap by lining the bottom inner rim of your eyes with a nude or white liner. Not only will it make you look instantly more fresh, it’ll open up your peepers giving the illusion of larger eyes.

Images via giphy.com, collegetimes.com, popsugar.com and tumblr.com.

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