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9 Marriage Advice Reads That Will Transform Your Relationship

9 Marriage Advice Reads That Will Transform Your Relationship

It’s never too late to reignite the spark.

When you fall in love, get engaged and inevitably plan your big wedding day, the last thing you think about is how you’re going to deal with the fact you can’t stand your soon-to-be sister-in-law or that your fiance’s cute habit of leaving his toenail clippings all over the couch is going to wear thin.

You especially then, don’t consider things like how you plan on keeping the sex regular and passionate for the rest of your lives together, how you’ll recover from your first really big fight as a married couple, or whether or not that habit of making your partner feel super guilty every time he’s home late from work could be your eventual undoing as a couple.

But even if it’s taken till five, 10 or more years into your union to face these challenges, it’s not too late to tackle them and get your marriage back on track. We’re not going to sugar-coat it; marriage is hard work. But if you’re both willing, the rewards can be plentiful. Here are the articles that have helped our readers most when it comes to marital success…

1. 29 Of The Most Underrated Things You Can Do To Make Your Marriage Last

These romance-inducing hacks are so simple to implement into your everyday life, you’ll wonder why you hadn’t been doing them all along.

Read it here.

2. The Art Of Keeping ‘The Chase’ Alive In Your Marriage

We chase our partners in the dating period, then we stop and get comfortable. But experts assert that excitement of the chase is critical to long-term relationship success. Thankfully, there are ways to recreate it; even after decades together.

Read it here.

3. 6 Things You Need To Understand About Marriage If You Want Yours To Last

There are some hard truths about what it takes to make a marriage last that no one tells you when you’re planning to tie the knot. But if you’re ready for some tough relationship love now, it’s not too late to learn.

Read it here.

4. 13 Relationship Experts Tell You Everything You Need To Know About Love

Some of the world’s top relationship academics, therapists and authors share their best pieces of advice when it comes to long-lasting love and marital success.

Read it here.

5. This One Thing Will Put The Spark Back In Your Relationship

There’s one simple thing you can do to instantly reignite the passion and excitement in your relationship, and it all comes down to photographs…

Read it here.

6. 8 Unspoken Reasons Why Marriages Fail

There are plenty of relationship self-help articles flooding the internet on how to make your marriage work – but what about how not to destroy it? These eight mistakes are so easy to make, chances are you’re making one of them right now.

Read it here.

7. 6 Relationship Lies We All Believe That Destroy Real Love

Your partner is supposed to be your soulmate and understand and accept you like no other, putting you before everything else…right? Wrong, actually. And here’s why…

Read it here.

8. 7 Bad Marriage Habits That Lead To Divorce

Don’t get caught in the trap of making these easy everyday mistakes that can slowly erode the foundations of your marriage. Today is the day to make a change.

Read it here.

9. 10 Things I Learned From 10 Years Of Marriage

A SHESAID editor shares the emotional story of her marriage and it’s eventual breakdown after 10 years, detailing what she learnt about love and long-term relationship success over that decade.

Read it here.

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