9 Old Wive’s Tales About Beauty You Need To Stop Believing

March 9, 2017

No, that cream won’t shrink your pores.

We all have our beauty regimes and certain rules we live by, some of them probably passed down from our mothers and grandmothers, others picked up from dubious articles in women’s magazines we read when we were teenagers.

We try all the tips and tricks we know to get glowing skin, shiny hair, and overall look our best, however, the effort we put into our looks doesn’t always give us the result we’re after.

Some old wive’s tales have survived many generations even though they’re based on old ways of thinking and have since been debunked by science. You might be disappointed after reading this article, but it’s best to rely on facts when it comes to cosmetics, so forget about these nine beauty myths…

1. Vaseline makes your lashes grow faster

While Vaseline is a true multitasker tackling many beauty issues such as providing nourishment to dry, cracked lips and taming unruly brows, promoting lash growth is sadly not one of them. In fact, it might do the opposite and cause an allergic reaction likely to damage your lashes, as the skin around your eyes is more sensitive than other areas. This can actually prompt lashes to fall out, so put this tall tale to rest and stay away from the petroleum jelly around your peepers.

2. Shaving makes hair grow back thicker

Good news! One of the most widely spread beauty myths, is actually based on an optical illusion. When shaving, you’re cutting off the tapered tip of the hair, making the new hair appear thicker or darker, when in fact, it’s the exact same size and shade as before; so no need to abandon your razor!

3. Toothpaste makes pimples go away

This beauty myth is a bit of a misunderstanding, as the menthol in many toothpastes may cool down the skin and therefore reduce inflammation, however, toothpaste itself doesn’t kill the actual bacteria in the pimple. In some cases, it may even irritate the skin further and make matters worse, so best to save it for keeping your pearly whites clean.

4. Face oils aren’t for oily skin

It’s a common misconception that oily skin doesn’t need any moisture and as such can’t handle oily products. In fact, oily skin can be dehydrated, too (dehydrated skin will often go into overdrive producing oil to try and nourish itself, so getting your moisture levels right is often key to solving your greasy-faced dilemmas). Using a facial oil that hydrates skin can therefore actually improve oily skin, as it doesn’t strip the skin of its natural oils, preventing it from trying to produce even more.

5. Chocolate causes breakouts

This is one busted myth you can actually rejoice over. While too much sugar in our diet can play serious havoc on our general health and therefore also our skin, there is absolutely no evidence that chocolate causes breakouts, period. In fact, dark chocolate contains antioxidants which actually help skin protect itself from UV damage, so munch on to your heart’s delight.

6. The right product will shrink your pores 

As great as this sounds, the size of your pores is based on genetics, not skincare products. However, you can reduce the appearance of your pores by keeping them clean and unclogged. Clay masks and exfoliating products are great at doing just this, and applying a primer before your foundation will also create the illusion of smaller pores.

7. Drinking lots of water hydrates your skin

There is absolutely no doubt that drinking lots of water has a positive effect on our overall wellbeing, but unfortunately, it doesn’t hydrate our skin from within. Our bodies aren’t like plants which plump up when watered; instead, the water we drink goes through our intestines, is filtered by our kidneys, and then goes into the bloodstream. If you want to hydrate your skin, use a good quality day and night cream.

8. A hundred hairbrush strokes a day keeps bad hair away

Historians say this beauty myth originated in Victorian times, when women brushed their hair 100 times a day to keep lice at bay. Somehow this important piece of information got lost over time and left us with the beauty myth that brushing your hair dozens of times makes it super shiny. Alas, over-brushing your hair not only makes it oily, but can cause breakage and split ends, so stop counting those hairbrush strokes before bed and re-dedicate the time to getting some extra shut-eye, which is actually proven to improve the quality of your hair, skin and nails.

9. Wearing foundation every day is bad for your skin

This is only true if you fail to remove your makeup before going to bed; not because of the foundation, but because your face is dirty after a day out and about, being exposed to environmental toxins. Wearing foundation every day can actually be beneficial for skin, as some foundations are not only nourishing to the skin, but can also act as a barrier to filter out harmful UV rays, so if you’re a makeup addict, there’s no need to feel guilty about your habit any longer.

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