9 People Reveal The One Thing That Turns Them The Hell On

August 24, 2018

It’s about to get freaky up in here.

I’m a self-confessed freak, as a lot of odd things get me in the mood for sex.

Coffee breath, beer breath, the thought of being able to relax afterwards with a Big Mac and sports on TV; hell, even a chauvinistic Charlie Sheen on Two And A Half Men does it for me. But I’m not ready to accept that I’m the only one with weird turn-ons.

So I put a callout on my Twitter in search of the unique things that get other people’s motors running, and thankfully received a wealth of responses. Here are the top nine that are sure to make you feel very normal…

1. Under pressure

“One time, a girl slipped her finger inside my butt. The pressure felt so good. Now I’m with a different girl and I want it, but I’m worried it’ll scare her off.”

James, 29, graphic artist

2. No boundaries

“I know this is going to be unpopular, but I like thinking about rape. I guess it’s the domination aspect. The fear of the victim freaks me out – that’s not sexy at all – but the whole getting someone to do what you want them to do is hot.”

Scott, 34, legal aid

3. Nuts for Nutella

“When my girlfriend licks Nutella from the spoon. She knows it gets me going, too – the way she licks it is so hot!”

Amelia, 32, teacher

4. Old habits die hard

“I like looking at old women – gardening, slowly crossing the road, old lady type things – and thinking about how filthy they would’ve been in their heyday. That turns me on so bad.”

Marc, 32, business operations manager

5. Girl-on-girl action

“I’m straight, but I love seeing those women with awesome, obviously life-changing fake boobs in dirty mags, especially when they’re touching themselves. If I ever need help getting in the mood, I tell my husband I want to ‘freshen up’ and I pull out my secret stash in the bathroom.”

Natalie, 29, beauty therapist

6. Talk Irish to me

“Mine is simple: the Irish accent. Say anything to me with one of those, like Colin Fassnidge or Colin Farrell and my skirt will fly right off!” 

Sarah, 27, theatre actress

7. Touch me now

“My girlfriend sends me dirty texts at work, photos included, and describes in great detail everything she’s going to do to me when I get home. Sometimes I get myself off at work because it’s too much to handle, but I’m always ready for her again when I get home.” 

Mabel, 29, shop assistant

8. Milking it

“Breast milk. We know it’s not for him, but he can’t get enough of it – and we’re now at our third child. I ride him like a cowgirl and he’ll push himself up and suck. Feeling the pressure relieve and having an orgasm at the same time is incredibly satisfying. Every mother should try it before they knock it.” 

Jess, 31, stay-at-home mother

9. Three’s a crowd (but not when the third is a secret)

“Hearing the people in the adjoining apartment having sex. The woman’s moans, the guy’s grunt… I just pull out my trusty vibrator and join in – without them knowing, of course.”

Katrina, 34, copy editor

Image via tumblr.com.

Comment: What turns you on the most? 

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