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9 Things Grown Adult Women Should Give Zero F*cks About

9 Things Grown Adult Women Should Give Zero F*cks About

Don’t suffocate in stress, worrying about the unimportant stuff.

Something strange and rather miraculous happens as we start to age.

We stop investing so much of our time and energy into caring about superficial crap. The kind of shallow junk that seemingly almost suffocated us in our 20s suddenly loses its power and makes way for the more important stuff; like living life authentically and on our own terms, and being okay with who we are, flaws and all.

If you’re a grown adult woman, you’re way too old and wise (and we mean that in the very best of ways) to donate even a single fuck to any of this hullabaloo…

1. Being liked

Sure, it’s great to be liked. But you know what’s better? Giving zero fucks about whether people like you or not and just living life authentically.

2. Body fat

Being terrified of any subtle hint of additional body fat and instantly emotionally beating yourself up for it is so high school. Feeling sexy as hell in your grown-ass woman’s body and owning every lump, bump and roll is the ultimate turn-on.

3. Fitting the mold

Living your life by other people’s standards just gets old when you reach a certain age. Don’t want to have kids, or maybe even ever get married, or would prefer to be a stay-at-home mom that a career woman? Embrace it. Life’s too short to play by someone else’s rulebook.

4. Being seen as a ‘bitch’

If there’s anything a grown adult woman should give zero fucks about, it’s having the ‘bitch’ label wielded at you for daring to challenge a male coworker’s opinion, take aggressive leadership on a project at work or speak up for yourself when a stranger cuts in line. Instead, put on your best RBT and smash the patriarchy.

5. Hiding your period

Really? Like, seriously? You’re a grown woman and you still have to orchestrate a covert mission of 007 standards simply to get your tampon from your desk drawer to the ladies room? Screw that. Periods are natural part of womanhood, not a source of shame, so display your tampons on your desk proudly.

6. Pretending to be into it

So your man is going down on you and it feels like he’s a dog with a chew toy? Don’t grin and bear it, politely suggesting you move on to something else. You’re allowed to experience pleasure in bed too, it’s not all about him. Speak up and gently inform him if he’s not quite hitting the right spot, or needs to ease up on the teeth, or the speed. Men aren’t mind-readers, and the best ones are always open to feedback.

7. Beating yourself up

So you were a terrible person at some point in your life. We all were. It’s not something to be proud of, but it’s not something to relentlessly beat yourself up over either, or a reason to tell yourself you’re ‘unworthy’ of good things. Mistakes are inevitable in life. How you bounce back from them is what really defines you.

8. Walking away

If you’re still umming and ahhing over whether you should have walked away from your toxic ex because now you’re scared you won’t find anyone again and wIll be alone forever, it’s time to snap out of it. Exs are exs for a reason. Don’t waste another second of your time or fucks on yours.

9. Valencia filter

Everybody knows no one’s life is as perfect as it looks on Instagram, so stop devoting so many fucks to getting yours to match up to someone else’s contrived feed and live it on your own terms; no valencia filter required.

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Comment: What have you started giving zero fucks about as you’ve gotten older?


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