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9 Times Channing Tatum Made Our Ovaries Explode

9 Times Channing Tatum Made Our Ovaries Explode

Prepare for your thighs to tremble…

If you are a living, breathing, human woman, chances are Channing Tatum has the power to make you feel things you didn’t know your body could feel. Special lady things that only a man in possession of at least three whole expressions and one criminally hot six-pack could induce.

So for your viewing pleasure, here are just nine of the countless times Mr Tatum made us weep with longing…

1. That time he told us all we were goddesses.

2. When he proved it is possible to be both sexy as f*ck and adorable simultaneously.

3. When he hinted at his oral skillset, and made our special lady buttons tingle.

4. When he did hot-man-looking-sad face and immediately summoned our maternal and sexual instincts all at once.

5. When he did this.

6. And this.

7. And did hot-man-smiling face.

8. And hot-man-looking-serious face, possibly our fave of his range of hot-man expressions.

9. Let’s face it, whatever Channing does, it’s a given our thighs will be trembling.


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