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9 Travel Hacks For Surviving A Long Haul Flight

9 Travel Hacks For Surviving A Long Haul Flight

There’s no need to feel wrecked when you touch down. 

It’s safe to say that a long haul flight, even for the most seasoned traveller, is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Although you are sitting down for most of the time, it can be exhausting and make you feel extremely drained when you eventually arrive at your destination. So unless you have the cash to splash on first class (in which case I’m your future BFF), here’s a few travel hacks to make your trip in economy a little more premium, and a whole lot less rage-inducing…

1. Comfort is key

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Loose fitting clothing are always best to keep you relaxed, and depending on how long the flight is, it can be a good idea to pack a pair of light sweat pants to change into after the seat belt sign has been switched off. Ensuring you’re comfortable will have a big impact on your trip and whether you arrive at your destination refreshed, or ready to kill someone.

2. Pack the essentials

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I’m not just talking about your passport and itinerary here. Instead, think of the things you would usually not go more than 12 hours without. These should include the following: deodorant (to feel fresh), baby wipes (since they’re the closest thing you’ll get to having a shower), a toothbrush (as you wouldn’t miss brushing your teeth on a normal day) and a change of underwear; an instant mood booster after 15 hours, trust me!

3. Block it out

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These bad boys are perfect if you’re not one to enjoy the sound of babies screaming, flight attendants with trollies or the constant hum of the aeroplane. Appreciate a silent sleep or take pleasure in watching your fave blockbuster distraction free.

4. Don’t bring anything unnecessary


Make sure you don’t pack any excess when travelling long haul. Not only will you have to lug your gear through the airport, but there could also be a chance that you might not be able to fit everything in the overheads. No room in the jam-packed overheads will see you storing your bag under the seat in front and you know what that means? No leg room. Instead, follow these tricks for fitting everything into a single suitcase (yes, it is possible).

5. Become a movie buff

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Has work been getting in your way of finishing the latest season of Game of Thrones? Not to worry, your long haul flight is the perfect time to catch up on an entire television series or binge on all the latest from Nertflix. Just make sure you don’t watch the screen for your whole flight, otherwise you’ll arrive at your destination with square eyes.

6. Get shut eye


Had a big night on the last night of your holiday? Let the hours slip away by having a big long doze on the plane. Don’t count on having a perfect sleep on your flight since you are sleeping upright with a hundred other people on board, but if you’re tired and use the eye mask and blanket provided, you should be good to go. For a more peaceful snooze, pack a neck pillow and time your extended nap with the hours when the lights are switched off since it will be quieter in the cabin.

7. Stay hydrated

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The air that circulates in the cabin can make your skin dry out and you’d be surprised how dehydrated you can get on a flight. Pop some skin cream on before you fly and although it may be tempting, try to avoid drinking alcohol onboard as booze in combination with the pressurised cabin will certainly make you feel light-headed. To combat feeling groggy, try drinking as much water as possible on your trip.

8. Dress to impress

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There is no harm in asking to see if there is a possibility to be upgraded, particularly if you are one of the airline’s frequent flyers. However no airline is ever going to let someone dressed in ripped denim into business class unless they’ve already paid for the ticket. So if you’re in appropriate attire and luck is on your side there is a high chance you may get upgraded if there’s is free space on the flight. I’ve known whole families getting upgraded, so its always worth a shot. If you’re unlucky, change into your comfort gear once on board.

9. Stay moving

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Although it may be tempting to become a couch potato, be certain to do a few laps up and down the cabin aisle every hour or so. Whether its a trip to the toilet or just a wander to stretch the legs, it’s important to keep the blood flowing. Your body will thank you come time to land.



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