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Women Reveal The Struggle Of Living With Sex Addiction

“I have to actively stop myself from having affairs. I fail a lot.”

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I can tell her what’s happened, but I can’t tell her why, because I don’t understand why.

Does Sexist Culture Contribute To Codependency In Women?

It’s not a wild leap to link sexist culture to an abundance of codependency issues in women.

When Your Addiction And Depression Are In A Codependent Relationship

Drugs softened the edges of the stranglehold of depression. 

The Upside To Scheduling Sex (And Why You Should Try It)

Sometimes, you just need to ditch the spontaneity and climax. Preferably with your partner; on a weekly basis.

You Are My Worst Addiction

You have the power to dominate my emotions.

My Ex Girlfriend Convinced Me I Was A Sex Addict

Being gaslighted isn’t just for straight people.

Behind Closed Doors: My Marriage To A Sex Addict

Although he hadn’t left me yet, I was already alone.

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Seriously hot sex books for women!

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I’m Horny Pretty Much 24 Hours A Day

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