A Beauty Therapist’s Guide to Spring Cleaning – Part One

September 30, 2003

We asked our friends at The Harem Beauty and Wellbeing for Women in Sydney’s CBD to give us the low-down on what a gal needs to know to prepare to bare her winter body this spring.

Wear Sunscreen

I’ve made this statement constantly since becoming a therapist (I’m sure I must mouth it in my sleep!). Still, we live in a society where people continually ignore information on the damaging effects the sun has on us. Let’s face it, we all love a tan, but it’s time to jump into the 21st century, girls.

Sunscreen is the only anti-aging cream on the market!

Australians suffers from premature aging of the skin more than any other country, and our sun is 70% responsible. Excuses, excuses! For those of you who would argue sunscreens are too oily or too heavy, Dermalogica have 5 sunscreens available which cater for all skin types. There’s a formulation for oily or dry skins; sensitivity; people who like a sheer tint; a booster 30+ that can be added to moisturisers; as well as full spectrum body wipes for quick applications, and a fake tan that contains a 15+. Phew! That pretty much covers everyone. Now you just need to get into a good habit. Leave your sunscreen it in the bathroom then after you’ve showered, you can apply it each morning after drying yourself. Easy!

What to look for

Get yourself a sunscreen that you are happy wearing. There is no use forcing yourself to wear one that doesn’t feel good, as that will be a short-lived phase. You need one that is therapeutic as well as SPF efficient, one that you can trust to do good things to your skin. Once you find it, make it your best friend, and you’ll develop a great lifelong habit.

Fake Tan

Get cheeky and fake it! Fake tans have come a long way. They no longer make you look like you’ve overdosed on carrots or have an odour that would keep even your dog away. Most tans are now developed to react with molanacites in the skin which is exactly what the sun does to darken the colour of skin giving a truly natural result that you can lie through your teeth about and no one need know! Dermalogica fake tan has a SPF 15+, so not only will it give you a great natural looking tan, but it will also protect your skin from the sun.

Most salons offer fake tan application treatments, and for those new to faking it, this is an excellent way of demonstrating preparation of the skin before self-tan application. It will also show you just how easy and quick it is to fake it. Treatments are usually an hour and range from around $65.00 to $120.00.

by Natalie Lehrer, Head Therapist, and Rita Paul, Director and Founder, The Harem, Sydney – where ‘Every Woman is a Goddess’.

The Harem is Sydney CBD’s most exotic beauty boutique. For more information or to make a booking, email feelgood@theharem.com.au, and receive The Harem’s full price list and awesome Spring Clean Specials. Or phone 02 9262 3466 for information on to make a booking. The Harem is located on Level 6, 99 York Street, Sydney.

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