A Beauty Therapist’s Guide to Spring Cleaning – Part Two (contd)

October 7, 2003

Your Feet Most people from my experience hate their feet, and therefore neglect them. The feet are our main transporters and therefore require utmost priority of maintenance. It’s not about pretty toes, it’s about full-body comfort. If your feet are sore or cracked, they will distribute your weight unevenly putting pressure on your back, neck and hip, resulting in pain and possible long term damage. So, get brave and don’t be embarrassed by less than perfect tootsies – there’s a really quick solution. And it will leave you feeling like a million bucks!What to look for A pedicure that includes full dead skin removal with a blade (many salons do not offer this, ask whether blading is performed), and exfoliation of the skin. A good therapist will also offer reflexology or a thorough remedial foot massage to complete your trip to heaven, as well as a deluxe nourishing paraffin warm infusion, followed by professional painting of your toe nails. You’ll never want to hide them again. Treatments vary with pedicures but can range from $45.00 to $80.00. by Natalie Lehrer, Head Therapist, and Rita Paul, Director and Founder, The Harem, Sydney – where ‘Every Woman is a Goddess’. The Harem is Sydney CBD’s most exotic beauty boutique. For more information or to make a booking, email feelgood@theharem.com.au, and receive The Harem’s full price list and awesome Spring Clean Specials. Or phone 02 9262 3466 for information on to make a booking. The Harem is located on Level 6, 99 York Street, Sydney. Sydney readers! WIN WIN WIN To win a Harem Spring Overhaul, which includes a Brazilian Wax, Cinnamon Queen body exfoliation, tan application, and a Goddess Pedicure, answer this question: What is the Harem’s slogan?

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