A Beauty Therapist’s Guide to Spring Cleaning – Part Two

October 7, 2003


The quickest and easiest way to boost the skin instantly is to give it a good scrub. Exfoliation gives the skin instant sheen by removing dead skin build up that makes the skin look dry and dull. Dermalogica Sea Salts are an excellent solution for crepe skin and thorough barnacle removal. For a fabulous, freshly scrubbed feeling apply the salts to dry skin with your hands or better still in combination with a loofah mitt. If you’re feeling a little delicate, simply add the salts to your bath water, the salicylic acid in the salts will melt away “roughness” without stimulation or aggravating fragile skins.If you are scrubbing, remember not to scrub too hard, or too long. For your face no longer than 30 seconds in a light circulation motion, and the body, keep your scrubbing to 2-3 minutes making sure soles of feet, knees and elbows are thoroughly worked. Top tip: If you look flushed after exfoliating you are scrubbing to hard. Keep it light and only exfoliate once a week depending on skin condition. Over exfoliation can break the capillaries in the skin, unsettle your acid mantle (which is the skin’s natural ph balance, protecting it from the environment) and expose you to environmental damage.

Professional body scrub treatments not only feel great but they’re great for stimulating the lymph system detoxifying your system and assist in blood circulation. They also ensure a thorough body overhaul to those hard to reach places such as the back, shoulders and bottom. Most body scrubs range from $80 to $120 and products used in the salon can be purchased for home maintenance.

What to look for A treatment that uses quality salts and/or scrubs, and a therapist with an angel’s touch.

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