A chat with Wendy Harmer (con’t)

July 19, 2005

A chat with Wendy Harmer (con’t)
What has been the highlight of your career so far?
Ooh?there are so many! I think the one constant joy has been that I have been able to keep working at what I love and provide for my family. Getting to take my one woman show ?Love Gone Wrong? from the Edinburgh Festival to the West End in London for a short run gave me a thrill. Likewise working with Baz Lurhmann for the Australian Opera. Interviewing so many brilliant, famous celebrities on my radio show. Attending the Academy Awards and the Emmys?there?s lots to choose from and yet, in some ways I hope I haven?t had my ?highlight? yet!

How have you managed to coordinate your career and also being there for your children?
I have had the extreme good fortune to marry a man who is happy to be a stay at home husband . Brendan doesn?t just ?tolerate? my career, but actively encourages me to pursue it and makes the space in which it can happen. ( Not to say he isn?t high maintenance, like all good partners!)

Because I haven?t done the traditional ?nine-to-five?, there has been plenty of time to be with the kids. They are thrilled that their Mum is at home at the moment and writing children?s books which I have adapted into a piece of musical theatre. When we went to see the musical of ?Pearlie in the Park? and were seated in the front row with 300 other kids, I thought they would burst with pride .My family?s belief in me is a powerful motivation.

Where do you hope to be in five years time?
Because my children are only young, I have a fair idea! They will both be finishing primary school and I hope that by then I will be on the other end of a public media career and that I will be at last at home full time and able to write that ?Great Australian Musical? I have been fantasising about since I was nine years old.

I hope I will be watching Marley take out the school?s art prize and Maeve singing and dancing her way through the school concert. I hope I will have my husband by my side and we will be planning a new garden. I hope I will be watching John Howard?s farewell speech. I hope I will at last be feeling ?relaxed and comfortable? about the future direction of my beloved country.

Wendy’s latest novel, Farewell My Ovaries can be bought from SheSaid. RRP $29.95 but only $26.96 if you buy from the SheSaid bookshop

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