A Clean Break – continued

October 29, 2002

Now, give yourself a break – one of the things most people miss the most is the physical affection of a relationship. Humans need touch to stay healthy. Book yourself a Hawaiian Ka Huna massage or gorgeous uplifting aromatherapy massage for that first Sunday morning alone. Next meet a friend for lunch or dinner somewhere you would NEVER have gone with him (and order a dish with enough garlic to murder fifty vampires – your immune system needs it).Sit down in a park or by the beach and write a list of all the things you wanted to do and be when you were little. What steps can you take with your time to get there? Look at your weekly routine. Feel refreshed by all the time you have now to focus on your dreams! Was Thursday traditionally pizza and beer night with the ex? What movies, plays or bands can you now organise to see with your friends? What are 5 books you’ve been meaning to read for the past six months? Always wanted to write a novel or run a marathon? Set aside some time each night to devote to these goals. Yeah, those lonely pangs will still drift in and out no matter how busy you keep – but with new things to focus on they’ll grow less and less frequent.

Work with these ideas for a few weeks and you’ll soon find your ex turns into a smaller and smaller dot in your rear-view mirror.

You’re the star of the movie now!

By Louisa Deasey

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