A Clean Break

October 29, 2002

He was late, rude, had a drug problem and never kissed you, yet you keep thinking you may ‘never do any better’…Are you stuck in that limbo period where you want to start anew but those ex-ghosts are still lingering? It could be time for some drastic action. Set yourself an hour, a day, or even a week to exorcise your ex- demons so you can get on with that bright future you once took for granted.First, get some sleep. The nights are always hardest on recent dumpees, so try to sleep through as much of it as you can.When we are tired we are vulnerable to all sorts of input. Ever notice how the song that’s on the radio when you wake up stays with you all day? Aim for an early start to the day. When you open your eyes, take steps to ensure you begin on a happy note.

Start with some affirmations -“each hour is an opportunity” is a good one. Listen to an upbeat song – no Stevie Wonder or Portishead! Read an inspiring poem or quote, look at a flower, do the sun salutation, pat a dog, shut your eyes while you sip your coffee and picture yourself having a happy day being and having all that you wish for…

Don’t read the paper until you’ve done one of the above. Don’t chat to the grumpy neighbour, hop on the train or watch the news. Your tender head needs preparation so it can meet the day armed with a ‘positive’ vest. Oh, and pack fruit and nuts to snack on at through the day – your blood sugar is important at this time.

Next, look at your bedroom. It’s time for a good clearing out! Open your bedroom window, play some loud disco music, turn all the lights on and burn some incense or aromatherapy oils. In Eastern philosophy music, light and heat all increase the Yin (positive) energy around us. A good oil combo for productivity and focus: Rosemary, Basil and Cedarwood. Three drops of each in an oil burner and you’re on your way.

Throw out some old clothes, pack up any old love letters and store them in a box (in another room), or better still, if you’re feeling really strong – toss them away.

Change the pictures on your walls and the photos in your frames. Vacuum your room, wipe the dust, head to the shops for a new set of pillowcases, (or a full set of linen if you’re really feeling indulgent) or a healing crystal to hang from your window.

Feel a bit more welcome and clean in your own space now? Change your exterior and it’s bound to affect the interior.

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