A couple that works out together…

February 15, 2005

A couple that works out together…

Working out with your spouse or boyfriend means you have a new way to spend time together. Instead of lying in watching television, you can broaden your relationship by taking up a sport together such as tennis or kickboxing or start jogging or yoga together. Suddenly you have something else in common and another bond that will bind you together. More than that, you are proving to your partner the love and respect you hold for them and for yourself. Keeping fit and healthy shows you respect your body and that you want to be energetic and happy within yourself.

Working out with your partner is also a motivating factor. If fellow members of your household are getting out and going for a run or walk, you?re more likely to be inspired to follow suit. If both of you are committed to fitness, it will be easier to buy healthy foods and cook low fat, tasty meals together. Not only that, but exercising together helps you motivate each other. Whether you need to tell each other to stop wasting time or encourage each other for the work you?ve put it, it?s always nicer to have someone else there to notice. And who better than the love of your life?

Of course there are always points to consider when working out with your partner. The first is the physical differences between males and females. As a general rule, men achieve fitness results quicker than women and need different approaches to working out. This doesn?t mean you can?t work out together, it just means you need to tailor your workouts to suit your body type. For example you could do 40 minutes of cardio and 20 minutes of weights while he does 20 minutes of cardio and 40 minutes of weights. Or if you?re jogging or cycling together you could run the first 40 minutes together then you take the flat route home while he takes the hilly route. This way, you spend most of your workout together but still manage to achieve the work out most effective for your body type.

On this note, it?s important not to compete with your partner when working out. It?s tempting to try and outrun and outlast him however there will always be physical disparities between people making it impossible for one partner to beat the other. If you?re a naturally competitive person, try to forget about competing side by side with your partner and instead compare yourself to yourself. For example, time your runs and try to beat your personal best each time. Or try different sports together: he may be better at the endurance of cycling than you but you may have better flexibility in yoga. If you both work at the weaker sport, in time you will both be fitter, healthier and ready to take on the world!

Another thing to remember is to not bring your unresolved issues to your workout. Remember exercise is meant to be a stress reliever and an escape from day-to-day life, except when you bring your issues to the gym with you! If you?re already dealing with unresolved conflicts then throw in the frustration of a tough workout, tempers can flare and even bigger fights can begin. When you?re heading off to exercise, leave your problems at home and deal with them later when your head is clear and mind is relaxed.

So remember, if you have energy, you feel better about yourself, your partner and your relationship. Why not create these positive vibes together? You?ll never look back!

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