A Day In The Life Of… Michelle Lee

April 1, 2015
Michelle Lee, The Lucky Group, A Day In The Life Of

Ever wanted to step into somebody else’s shoes for the day and see what life is like as a magazine editor, a professional sportsperson or corporate high-flyer..? Well, SHESAID is giving you the closest thing to your very own Freaky Friday experience with our A Day In The Life Of… series.

Michelle Lee, Global Merchandising Manager for The Lucky Group

8am: First full day in Paris. Sitting in front of Galleries LaFayette. Starting the day with my double shot of espresso and a croissant, and yes, I’d like some butter with that.

9am: Heading towards Tranoi. Wondering who I’ll see there. Oh, there’s Mei from Steven Alan, and Rachel from Elizabeth and James. Time to do a kiss, kiss, drive by.

10:30am: Ran into Kerin from A-Morir. She just showed me a pair of crazy, embellished, BLING-y glasses she made for Gaga and Rihanna. Pretty rad, I like her hair. One for michi, please.

11am: Just confirmed with Steven Alan’s team the glasses we featured for April. Another nice credit to Luckyshops! GO Team!

11:30am: Still at Tranoi. Found an amazing new brand, Susan Susceptible – wovens with patchwork appliqué galore. I am susceptible and in LOVE – hopefully the LGs feel the same way.

Midday: Leaving Tranoi. Ready for coffee #2 with a double shot. Just ran into Jennifer Fisher at Americans in Paris, stalked her for an exclusive on the site, and the amazing collab she did with Baja East. Gave a big kiss to Ryan from Tome, told Chelsea to hit me up with Simon Miller when they are ready to open up distro. My ADHD is kicking in… I blame the beautiful clothes around me… I need that Edie Parker Clutch I just eyeballed in the corner over there. Give me, give me. Oh nice, they have fresh pressed juice here. Am I in LA right now?

2pm: Robin is poking my back to get to our next appointment. I need to stop talking. Sorry Ryan, next time. Leaving Americans in Paris, off to the Tuilleries.

2:30pm: Heat trap at the tent (Premiere Classe)  It’s like 90 degrees in here. I need some air… but need time to shop accessories. I must find some discovery points here.

3pm: Oh boy, Vittorio from Joshua Saunders is trying to convince me on glow-in-the-dark slides. Hmmm, I think I’m going for their furry multicolored sneakers instead. Lucky exclusive please. Woah, that just woke me up.

3:30pm: Minna Parrika, are these really rabbit sneakers!? Kristie Dash is going to be so obsessed, she just might just do the bunny hop for me. Can’t wait to tell her. Discovery, check check done.

4:30pm: Slowly fading. Going to Giuletta, can’t wait to see the shift dresses, but even more so to drink some espresso.

5pm: Espresso shots #3, 4 and 5. The clothes and coffee have resurrected me, a powerful combo. Looking at Eudon Choi’s colour pops. Need to get these amazing wide flared tuxedo trousers. Am I tall enough for these?

7:30pm: Just leaving the Giulietta team after 3 coffees, 3 biscotti, and 3 more brands closed, 3-3-3. Good things come in 3s.

8pm: Dialing the LA team. We are getting some Mansur Gavriel this week on the site. Just got note we have 1500 people on our waiting list for these bags, uh-oh. But a GOOD uh-oh.

9:30pm: Drinking a warm hot chocolate across the street. Why does this taste incredibly better here? Maybe it’s just Paris.

10:30pm: Tomorrow’s hitlist, MSGM, Carven, and NO 21. Not a bad way to start off the day.

11pm: Trying to convince my friends to go to David Bowie’s exhibition or the LVMH Foundation. Oh, and how could we forget Jeanne Lanvin’s exhibition is at the Palais Galliera this week! Note to self: Attend one and I”ll be happy.

Midnight:  Calling LA re: Mansur. Even our employees are going coo-coo over these.

12:30am: Wide awake with excitement, thinking about what I’ll see, who’s next and, most importantly, where I’ll eat my croissant. I hope tomorrow will hurry here.

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