A delight to the pleasure senses (contd)

January 20, 2004

* Remove the blindfold and let your partner share what they have experienced.* Swap, asking your partner to change the order that the senses were given in, so there will be an element of surprise.

* After you have finished the exercise share anything which you liked or disliked and anything else you would like to repeat.Part of spicing up your relationship is also about bringing more appreciation into it. You can do this by setting up a special night to remember why you are together. Focus on the things you both enjoy and use them eg. special food you like, music, atmosphere, touch etc then include this exercise.

After deciding who will go first, partner A sits against the wall making themselves comfortable with cushions, with legs out straight in front of them. Partner B sit in between A’s legs letting their head rest on their shoulder. Use cushions to make yourself as comfortable as possible. Place one hand on the genitals or belly and the other hand in between the chest.

Close your eyes and take three deep breaths together, just feeling the body gentle move. Partner A starts says all the things he/she loves and appreciates about partner B. Draw on times or behavior that has been special to you. The partner receiving this acknowledgment should not talk, accepting what is being said. If there are moments of silence just let yourselves be carcooned together.

When you are ready swap. After the exercise hold one another, take this time to connect in a soft gentle loving way.

Jo-Anne Baker B.A. M.A. C.Psych. is well known as one of Australia’s leading Sex Entrepreneurs Therapist and Educators. Her business The Pleasure Spot was established in 1993 and was the first in Australia to cater to women and couples sexuality, with a mail order product catalogue. www.pleasurespot.com.au

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