A delight to the pleasure senses

January 20, 2004

This is a wonderful way to explore the senses with your lover by giving and receiving.To explore the sense you will need to collect the following –

(These are a guide, the more variety you have the better)

Enhancing smell – any essential oils, perfume, coffee grains, curry powder, sandal wood, flowers or anything else that has a nice or unusual scent.

Enhancing touch – ice, silk or satin fabric, feathers, soft whips, loofah brush or fur.

Enhance sound – musical instruments, a shell you can hear the ocean in, bells, wooden sticks, you can tap together or compilations of music.

Enhance tastes – strawberries, grapes, avocado, chocolates, wine or juice.

Using four trays or plates set up each section, placing them out of immediate sight.

Set the atmosphere by using soft lighting, cushions. Have your partner sit comfortably, blindfolding them with a scarf or soft fabric.

* Retrieve your four trays.

* Take your partner through the senses slowly, in the order you wish. Remember this is about having fun so make it playful, laughter is allowed. Be aware of any response your partner may have as you stimulate each sense. Surprise is the key element, the receptive partner must not know what to expect.

Olfactory Stimulation

Pass each scent under the nose, lingering just long enough for your partner to register each fragrance.

Touch Experience

Gently touch your partners face, arms, legs or any part of their body which is exposed. Allow them to feel all the different textures. Massage or touch is also a added bonus.

Auditory Impression

Slowly take your partner through a variety of sounds, allowing slight gaps of silence. You can clap your hands, click your fingers and make sounds with you mouth eg. whistling, animal noises etc

Taste Sensation

Tease your partner with each taste by gently moving it over the lips, almost giving them the delightful morsel then taking it away, before finally letting them enjoy it. Kissing is also very enjoyable.

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