A gift from the heart (not the wallet) con’t

February 6, 2006

A gift from the heart (not the wallet) con’t

6. Make a voucher book that your partner can use throughout the year. There could be a ?get out of an argument free? voucher, an ?I?m sorry? voucher, a ?forgetfulness free? voucher, a ?breakfast in bed? voucher or a ?go to bed together early ;-)? voucher.

7. Spread petals on the bed, light some candles and have some massage oil on standby. Sometimes the right mood is all it takes for a romantic evening. Need we say more?

8. Fill an empty book with 12 reasons why you love your partner. You could be as creative or simple as you like by adding in pictures, drawings and little sayings and quotes.

9. Bake some of your partner?s favourite biscuits or sweets for him to take with him to work.

10. Dinner doesn?t have to be fancy ? prepare a picnic for your partner. Set out a rug in the backyard (or in the lounge room if it?s rainy), light some candles and serve BBQ chicken, a salad and some bubbly in plastic cups. After dinner, put on some music and lie up looking at the stars together.

11. Make twelve cards and write on each a different idea for a date with your partner. You could include new adventures such as go white water rafting in an indoor centre, try grass skiing or go to a restaurant with food you?ve never tried. If you prefer, you might just like a dinner and a movie each month. Put these ideas in twelve envelopes for you and your partner to open each month and find out which date you?ll be going on. Valentine?s Day will last all year with this gift!

12. Set up a treasure hunt for your partner. Hide some clues around the house and give him hints to find the next one. The final one gift could be you waiting for him somewhere special.

13. Set up a personalised crossword puzzle for your partner with answers to do with the relationship. Start with one word and attach the other words until it looks like a game of scrabble. Give each one a number and a clue. It doesn?t have to look neat like the ones in the paper, and while he?s solving it he will remember all the good times you?ve shared.

14. Tell him how much you love and appreciate him in your life. Sometimes the spoken truth means more than any gift in the world.

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