A Moroccan-style picnic

March 4, 2003

March is the perfect time of year for a picnic. A picnic is an outing with friends to eat and share food in the open. The hardest part of a picnic is choosing where in the great outdoors is the best place to meet. Once the venue is decided it is then time to choose the menu. A simple way to picnic is to call in at a specialized delicatessen and purchase a variety of olives, cheeses and breads on the day. For others it is rewarding to prepare a picnic spread at home.

The menu is simple – with a Moroccan style theme. Start with simple roll ups made stuffed with cous cous and capsicum hommous. Have a layered salad topped with spicy Moroccan style meatballs. Finish with Turkish delight. When shopping for Turkish Delight look for different varieties made with rosewater or orange water. A good specialist delicatessen is the place for this delicious treat. The food will go well with a crisp white wine.

Cous Cous Roll Ups

  • 1 packet Pita Bread
  • 1 250g tub Roasted Capsicum Hommous
  • 500g Cous Cous Salad (recipe follows)

Lay out pita bread. Spread Hommous in the middle of each piece of pita. Place cous cous salad on hommous spread. Roll up pita, cut into 5cm pieces, place on platter, cut side up. This will give approx 24 pieces.

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