A ‘Sh*t Ton’ Of Celebs Just Got Together To Film This VERY Anti-Trump Video

September 22, 2016

And it’s kinda genius.

It’s no secret Hollywood’s A-listers love banding together to proclaim their support for a worthy cause, and apparently ensuring Donald Trump never makes it to the presidency chair is one such meaningful mission.

In a new video that’s already racking up viral online status, celebs from Robert Downey Junior and James Franco to Julianne Moore and Scarlett Johansson, speak emotively to the camera, compelling viewers not to vote for Trump in a not-so-subtle way that includes plenty of comedic dishing.

The three-minute video is part of an initiative called Save the Day, which is aimed at encouraging people to vote purposefully and thoughtfully in the upcoming election, and was put together by writer and director Joss Whedon, who clearly has some serious A-list connections.

In the video, the famous faces remind viewers of the importance of voting in the election.

“You might not think that it’s not important, that you’re not important,” Mark Ruffalo says.

“But that’s not true. And the only way we can prove that to you, is by having lots of famous people…” Robert Downey Junior chimes in.

“Just a shit ton of famous people…” continues Julianne Moore.

“…repeating how important it is,” concludes Yvette Nicole Brown.

Though Trump’s name is never directly mentioned in the clip, it’s pretty obvious who the star-studded group are refering to, with tongue-in-cheek lines, like, “You only get this many famous people together if the issue is one that truly matters to all of us…like a disease or ecological crisis or a racist, abusive coward who could permanently damage the fabric of our society.”

Hmm…wonder who they’re talking about?

Watch the clever vid below and make up your own mind…

Image and video via youtube.com.

Comment: Who would you like to see win this US presidential election?


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