A Simple Cure For Insomnia

April 19, 2012

Can’t sleep? Join the club. But then I discovered a very simple cure to my insomnia and had to share it with you…

You know those nights. You toss and turn. Count to sheep (but you end up counting all the errands you have to run tomorrow). Flip the pillow so you’re sleeping on the other end of the bed.

Sometimes I take Valerian, an all-natural herb that is fantastic for relaxing the body and mind and lulling you into sleep. Other times I read a complicated book to exhaust my overly exhausted brain.

Then I tried something completely different. I got up and went for a walk around my apartment.

It felt weird at first, but the simple act of getting out of bed took my mind off the pressure of falling asleep. That’s the worst part of insomnia, feeling stressed about not being able to sleep. So I got up, walked around the house, had a glass of water and suddenly I felt so tired that when I went back to bed I was craving being there.

Even science backs me up. A recent study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine suggests that lying in bed may make insomnia worse and that if you get up and do something, you’ll sleep better when you go back to bed.

Brand-new pillows don’t hurt either: a small investment for what you spend one-third of your day doing!

What works for you when you can’t sleep?

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